Monday, September 03, 2007

Artists for Peace

Angel of Hope. My contribution to an online show of artists for peace held by Dale in New Zealand. Check out the artworks of the 44 artists who contributed. You can vote for your ten favorites until September 5th. The ten winners will be part of a calendar. These works are also for purchase.

My piece is made of handmade paper (made by me) which was pressed into a mold, made by me. When dry I painted it and added stones and feathers.

1 comment:

ANDREA said...

Dear Sukipoet,
That is a nice piece of peace, I love this peace angel. Great colours! I also left a comment this morning concerning your rocks, I must have done something wrong cause it never showed.
Anyway, I was saying that I like picking up beautiful rocks too, like souvenirs. And that since souvenirs can overload our brain sometimes, I also like the idea of leaving the rocks like little sculptures behind the house so that they may be seen by the next person who will live there..
Take care and thanks for your comment on my norther spirit.
I added a comment how it was done..and would love to see the harlem mask quilt....:)