Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Morris Island, Chatham

We have had several exquisite days. Although my most favorite activity in such weather is lying in my lawn chair reading, yesterday I wanted to get out into the wider world. I drove to the National Fish and Game run Morris Island. No boat needed. The Island is attached to the land so you can walk onto it. and the parking is free. No small thing on Cape Cod in the summer.
The view is of Monomoy Island, I believe.The sky. The ocean. The sand. Only a few people were here, unlike the public beaches which are crowded.
Where is the fisherman?
Lots of dried out horseshoe crabs of all sizes. Horseshoe crabs are one of my favorite beach/sea creatures. William Sargent wrote a book about them--The Year of the Crab-- which I read years ago. More recently he wrote Crab Wars. Both books tell of the discovery, 25 years ago, that the "blood" of the female crab contains Limulus lysate which can be used to detect diseases in humans. Thus, the crabs are collected and the fluid drained. Although the crabs are returned to the ocean they often die after this procedure. This happens in Woods Hole if not elsewhere.
These painted shells were hanging on a tree. Each shell had a name or names painted on them.


ANDREA said...

Good morning,
thanks for taking me to this wonderful place! So much space and the colour blue. I also love the painted shells with the names on it. Are you living at a place like that? Its like a dream.
I hope you get things sorted out with your mother and the persons around you who cannot walk well anymore. I'm sending you courage on airwaves.
Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

We visited that wonderful place a week ago and marveled at the decorated shells hung on the tree. We have photos similar to yours of the shells and we found one with the names of our two daughters prominantly displayed. That area of Chatham is one of our favorites as the solitude is magnificent, especially in contrast to many of the other beaches near by. As visitors to the wonderful Cape, we have grown to love the horseshoe crabs and Crab Wars is a favorite book of mine. We love the peasant Bay area too, which the author describes in the book. Your recent blog brought a flood a memories, all happy, to mind. Just wanted you to know there is an appreciative soul out here....

sukipoet said...

Thanks for your comments Andrea and "anonymous." I have lived on Cape Cod for 30 years. It is the most beautiful spot, surrounded by water and dunes. Many seals come to this area and one can see all the way to England!!

Thanks for your "courage on airwaves" Andrea. A conundrum. Nothing one can really DO, except be present. Suki