Thursday, July 12, 2007

Senior Softball

This is my third summer watching Senior Softball. A friend of mine plays. Last night Bonatts's team played against Yardarm and lost. Each team is sponsored by businesses in the area. Bonatts is a bakery/restaurant in Harwichport. Yardarm is a restaurant.
Finally, after 3 years I understand the game better. I rarely watch sports. Now, I sit with the softball wives on the sidelines and talk. They talk quite a bit. I just a little. I enjoy the whole sheebang. It's so different from "real life." I admire these guys most of whom are in their late 60's I think. They hit and run and catch with great energy. The teams are divided into groups re: ages. There is a group of men in their 70's and maybe even 80's. And another group of men in their fifties. Don't quote me on the ages.

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