Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The books I bought today in Chatham

I've been reading Picoult this summer. She writes well, in a kind of literary page turner style. I need escape. Don't want to use my brain too much and she provides escape along with some interesting thematic material. In PLAIN TRUTH for example she explores life in the Amish Community as seen by a lawyer who defends a young Amish woman accused of murdering her newborn. The details were well observed. Apparently Picoult stayed with an Amish family for a short time. She's a steady observer and a reliable writer in the way Anne Tyler is. You know she won't leave you in the lurch with mysteries unsolved and scenes that are impossible to figure out.

I picked up Glass' THREE JUNES earlier this summer. It took me awhile to begin reading it as the print is very small and I'm having a hard time seeing. But finally I began and within two pages was hooked. A fine writer with much insight into an array of characters. THREE JUNES won the National Book Award (last year?). So I look forward to continuing on in her writerly world with the above book.

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