Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Time passes

slowly up here in the north country. I drove up a nearby mountain (to me) yesterday to see Westminster West and Saxtons River Vermont. A gorgeous day. I love Vermont. Saw lots of funky houses.

Mom still in rehab. She's offered to buy me a car. Very generous. However, what I REALLY want is a computer and a house to live in that I won't have to move out of in a year. This move so far has disrupted two and a half months of my year. I want to get revising my novel.

Which I can't do on Mom's computer as I wrote the revisions on a newer program.

Meanwhile my sister-in-law keeps falling. Her legs are weak and she is uncertain why this is happening.

So lots going on up here. Saw a heron yesterday landing near the pond. Had a hard time sleeping last night. Worried about my future.

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