Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Flower Essence Remedy

This is the flower essence remedy Donna, the herbalist, gave me a few days ago. She mixes it herself. I stand before her bottles of essence, she touches my pulse, and my body chooses which essences it wants. This contains California Poppy, Aspen, Love-lies-bleeding, nicotania and sweet chestnut. I take 3 drops under my tongue up to 5x a day. The idea is that the essence, which is for emotional healing, will move me through the transitionary chaos of my thoughts.

Brief notes on the individual flowers.

Aspen--alleviates fears, anxieties and apprehensions. Frees one to be open to life's adventures. Creates trust, confidence, inner strength and spiritual awareness.

California Poppy--Helps one to thrive in the face of adversity.

Love-lies-bleeding--helps one move beyond personal pain and mental anguish to find larger transpersonal meaning.

Nicotiana--Finding peace and strength from the earth.

Sweet Chestnut--to give courage, faith and trust in the spiritual world in the face of despondency and despair.

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