Thursday, March 29, 2007


Feeling disoriented and unconnected as I have no phone or Internet or even a computer. I can use my guy's phone etc. but living without these items in one's own home is interesting. Quiet. I have a pay as you go cell phone but don't like to use it as it is so expensive.

My mom has a lump in her breast and will have a biopsy on Tuesday. She doesn't seem very worried about it.

I am doing a lot of cleaning as my $1250 security deposit return rests in part on how clean the place is I think. I've never really had a security deposit before. I'm also reading. I went from watching one video a day to none. I don't want to unpack my DVD player just to be entertained.

I locked myself out of the house the other night and had to break a window to get in. Before that I lost my car keys for three days and later found them outside near a lamppost. I guess it's just part of the brain drain moving brings. I still don't know where I will live.

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