Thursday, March 08, 2007

Buying a House

OK. Here's the story. I'm a single woman with no income and no assets and I want to buy a house. I've been talking about this for years and 12 years ago I looked at 100 plus houses and did not buy one, much to my current chagrin. Guess I was not ready.

Donna (the herbalist) put a new idea of how to manifest a house into my head when I consulted with her recently. She said there are more ways nowadays for single women to buy a house. Something about setting up a tenant as part of the house buying deal. That could either be someone to rent a room in the house with me living there too. Or, it could be renting out the whole house while I live in a tiny apartment for cheaper rent as I read about at the genius types blog. (This links you to the passive income article. Scroll down to link to 5 ways to create passive income article in which he talks about buying a house.)

The idea is to somehow get in the RE market, and have someone else pay your mortgage even if it means you can't live in the house you buy.

While buzzing around from here to there on the net I also came upon someone writing about making money from a blog. Maybe it was this same site. Sometimes on the net I lose touch with where I am and how I got there. I still don't really know how to make money from a blog but I'd like to find out.

Meanwhile, if anyone out there knows someone who can guide me through the steps to buy a house in this alternative manner I would appreciate a referral. You can email me at :0)

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