Thursday, February 08, 2007

Books to read, gifts to buy, and a sunny day-zounds

Well I did get my walk in y'day although it was cold. I covered my face with a scarf. I revised a chapter in the novel some, and realized that if I want to enlarge my 13 year old character (Molly) I need to get more insight on how a 13 year old talks and acts in this day and age. The 13 year old girl I know best is myself at 13. And that was a long time ago.

I received two books from my library order: Jack Canfield's The Success Principles and Zoe Heller's first book Everything You Know. Started both of them and love them both. Heller's novel is very funny, a dark humor. And well written.

Canfield's book is inspiring. You are 100% responsible, he writes, for EVERYTHING in your life. OK. Good to read this sort of thing as sometimes I do get into the blame syndrome. Mainly I blame myself, but even that must be dispensed with to move forward. It's a thick book so I might have to buy a copy to have the time to read it all.

PLUS I had my guy buy me another mystery from Borders last night. So, I am happy. Comforting to have a stack of books to read on these cold nights.

Meanwhile I have 5 friends with birthdays in February. Well, one is my son who turns 38!!!!!! Zikes. So, I need to get moving and find some neat things to send as gifts. Happy Birthday all.

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