Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Feeling a bit ditzy today. My breakfast cereal, hot bran, smelled not so good to me--this sometimes happens. So I only ate a small amount. It's me, not the cereal. I'm just "off."

I feel worried about my finances and not sure what to do when May comes around. My lease here is up at the end of May. I hate having a lease. Every year I have to make a choice about where to live. At my last rental I had NO lease, no security deposit, and I remained there for 20 years. I didn't go through agony every time the anniversary of my moving in came around.

Part of the current agony is that rentals are so expensive. I am sad that I didn't be a grownup person earlier in my life and provide for my old age. Because it is around the corner and I am uncertain how I can pay for another 30 years of life (should I live to be 91).

I think a good walk out there in the cold, brisk air might help. So maybe after my shower and half a grapefruit I'll do that.

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