Wednesday, February 21, 2007

An early morning dream

I have built a house of concrete blocks with lots of windows and light. A simple house, living room and kitchen on the first floor. There is a staircase to the second floor but it is blocked by concrete--unfinished and awaiting more money. But then the upstairs opens up. It's one big room awaiting completion and a bathroom. I sleep on a mattress on the floor. I go into the bathroom to pee and there is a knock at the door.

I answer the door and find 3-4 women who want to see the house I have built, they've heard about it. I am irritated that they have dropped by unannounced and so early in the morning. Elizabeth Davies is one of the women. I let them inside. They love the house. As I show them around another level of the structure opens up--a basement area with lots of windows. The floor is covered with various oriental carpets. In the center is a lovely carpet upon which I practice yoga. On one wall hangs a bamboo blind which when raised reveals a niche/shrine for a Buddha and flowers. Very spiritual.

Someone asks me how I paid for it. I say I had some savings and money Richard gave me. At once I'm in a car with Richard driving. I tell him he can move into the house as he partly paid for it but really I am happy living alone in my new, modern, stylish house. (In the real world, Richard is dead.)

When I awoke, I felt very good, happy that I owned a new house, modern and sunny. I've wanted a house for awhile. I was living independantly and well.

A house, in a dream, can also represent oneself. One's own body/structure. This interpretation also feels positive. The light, the spirituality (yoga and the Buddha), the tidy, uncluttered nature of the house. The simplicity. The unfinished upstairs, a work in progress. It was good the way the house opened up for me (the basement) when I invited people inside. Also the way the upstairs opened up for me.

All in all, a wonderful, enlightening dream.

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