Saturday, February 17, 2007

Back to books

I wrote a post in early Feb about two books. Jack Canfield's The Success Principles and Zoe Heller's first novel Everything You Know.

I read SOME of Heller's novel and skimmed the rest. I did not like it. Yet, I LOVED What Was She Thinking:Notes on a Scandal. Everything You Know is written with a similar dark humor. Maybe it was the subject matter that left me cold. It's funny how a writer's novels can vary so much. I still think Heller a good writer and look forward to her next book. Hopefully she won't be jaded by having her second novel made into a movie.

Jack Canfield's book is a very "UP" book. His tone is chirpy and full of optimism. He has a lot of good advice re: exercises one can do to ferret out what goals to set and how to take action on them. I had, about 20 years ago, read a LOT of motivational books of this nature. So, it is hard to find a book of this ilk that introduces me to a new idea. Then, I wrote lots of journals about my goals. And took action on them. This time around I am not as hell-bent on organizing my life quite as tightly. Still, I have done a few of the exercises, trying to create clarity for myself.

Canfield's book is ten books rolled into one. He's a inspirational coach for the price of $24.95. (Whereas coaching sessions with a real person can cost hundreds a month.) He gives good advice. I like reading a small section each morning to keep myself on track in my lonely pursuits of painting and novel writing.

My advice is: buy the book if you want to use it. Mine is borrowed from the library and this is more a book to dip into--less a book to read straight through. I recommend it for inspiration and focus.

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