Thursday, November 02, 2006


Went to a poetry reading last night. A number of people from the writing group I'm in read to celebrate their publication in an anthology. Many very good poems and the smattering of not so good. Some were sad, some funny. Some thought provoking. Wanted to take photos for the blog however still feel sort of shy around taking photos in public like that. So I didn't. Seemed intrusive, yet I think photos enliven the posts. Here's one of Mort's poems. One of the last he wrote before he died.


The last grocery store downtown
became our second city hall.
The houses behind the store
moved cross the street
to the last open land, once farmed.
No longer bagels or bananas
or loaves of bread, but ripe offices
for part-time council members.
And plenty of parking out back.
Two city halls a block apart.
And 50,000 people drivng
to the food fortresses
on the highways to Akron
and Canton and Youngstown.

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Mary Richmond said...

i always ask when taking photos and usually people get into it--especially if you say you're going to post them. nice poem.