Friday, November 03, 2006

My Studio

Pitiful ain't it? My studio is a small bedroom in an apartment I am renting only temporarily.(Until June 2007.) I got rid of my art tables and shelves when I moved out of my long term rental and I don't want to invest in shelves for this new space. I'd rather wait until I find a place I can stay for the next ten years or more. So my collage items and paint supplies are stored in boxes, except for the one bookcase fixture. Every time I want a gidget or gadget I have to unstack all the boxes from the closet and look in every one till I find it.

The room is also the computer room and storage for my clothes. So it's sometimes crowded and messy especially when I'm in the middle of a project. The blessing is that I HAVE a spare room to use for my working space. It is a warm room, sunny with a view of the woods. My favorite room in the apartment.

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Mary Richmond said...

so just to be a devil's advocate....does being somewhere temporarily mean you have to put your art on hold? How about at least making up a box of most used things/supplies to keep near by? I have worked from and in studios like this and I found it disheartening and frustrating and I ended up not doing much in the way of creative work until I at least made a surface for would enjoy a nice work space ;) no matter how temporary....yes?