Monday, November 27, 2006

Not in the Christmas Spirit

I am a bah humbug person but some years I have gotten into the spirit. Such as the years I went to the Waldorf fair with my friends. It is such a glorious, magical fair it inspires the desire to give. This year I didn't go to the fair though. I am not feeling inspired.

For years I have exchanged gift boxes with friends far away and most of them have written suggesting we skip it this year. I do have the solstice gathering to look forward to (no gifts) and the Brr writing group pot luck and Yankee swap. I find this time between and including Thanksgiving to Christmas very difficult. But, as we all know, we create our own difficulties. I could climb out of the humbug and find joy and peace, self-created. And I certainly wish joy and peace and cheerful times to everyone out there in the larger world.

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