Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Woman in the Dunes II

Of course I looked forward to being so close to the ocean beach.  The house was set back from the water and in a declivity.  All you could see from the house were sand dunes.  I had to walk to the top of the dune for the view.  Through these waters my ancestors sailed on the Mayflower.  Hello Richard Warren.

Every morning dawn greeted me from the east.  And sunset from the west although I took no photos or if I did they look much like sunrise.  LOL.

This brief story makes it sound like a heavenly journey.  But at one point I wrote in my journal-- is this a vision quest or the journey from hell?  I have not related the several physical trauma's I experienced while at the shack.  Or the several insights. I left totally exhausted and remained so for three weeks.  I am just recovering my equilibrium now that I am back home. I plan to write a short memoir in which I will describe in depth more of what I experienced.


Mystic Meandering said...

You are so brave, Suki! I love the pics, your "selfie" too! and living vicariously through your account of your adventure! I laughed out load at your journal entry - "is this a vision quest or a journey from hell." Oh touche! Sometimes I think I romanticize this kind of living - you know like living in a "hermitage" for a period of time. Evidently it's not all it's cracked up to be! Still there is a lure there... Am sorry that it exhausted you and messed up your equilibrim, but glad you are finally recovering - somewhat. Looking forward to your in depth account. Thanks for sharing your adventure on the dunes! Think I'll read it again :)

sukipoet said...

thank you so much Mystic Meandering. Well of course a different person might experience the shack in totally different terms. Or even, me at a younger, more agile age. Sometimes I can't really evaluate an experience until much time has passed. in the end, I hope it will make me a braver person in my "real" life!

Lisa Greenbow said...

Hang in there Suki. You are a survivor. This appears to be a beautiful place despite the hardships of the situation.

kj said...

It was still cold when you went and the dune sands are rugged. And isolated if there aren't other nearby shack dwellers. Would you have left if you could have?

I think you get an A for bravery. I'm looking forward to your insights


sukipoet said...

Lisa, yes it is beautiful. Unique. And an experience unusual for me, a no adventurer.

sukipoet said...

Karen, I felt ready to leave on Wednesday. Actually I could have called John to come and get me early. However, I determined to stick it out. I had a sort of health incident and ended up walking crooked, dizzy and with possibly high blood pressure. That made it a bit more scary to stay but If I died there I did. But I didnt. I also twisted my foot and was afraid I might not be able to drive but I did.