Saturday, May 31, 2014

Poem Pond Life

Pond Life

In calm weather my surface, a bright foil sheet,
reflects the oak and birch on my banks.
Some days I ripple with wind.
My waves sparkle-- a sequined Cher.
Cows kiss me with rough tongues.
Under their dark-eyed gaze, I shiver.
Dragonflies hover, hesitant lovers.
Beetles skim and tickle.
Ducks and turtles pierce my skin.
Fish and frogs hide in my depths.
Leaves and mud ground me.

Spring. The farmhouse dog paddles through my abundance.
A school girl collects a jar of me. Under the microscope
she sees water bears and pond fairies.
Winter. Children skate my frozen chemistry.
Fall. I dry up like an aged woman,
my innermost skin cracked and cratered.
Summer.  An elderly gentleman drowns under my cold blanket.

A little pond on a little farm,
in my dreams I am the sea.

S. Pope 5/2014


kj said...

oh my god suki, this is brilliant. i had to read it twice to really understand the pond is speaking. how you describe each season is brilliant.

you are a remarkable poet.


Cris, Oregon Artist said...

That is wonderful. Where do these come from? :)

Mystic Meandering said...

I love how you gave the pond a voice :) And that last line is wonderful: "in my dreams I am the sea." - yes ~ ~ ~ ~

Andrea Katharina said...

Wunderschön Suki, the pond's tale, I just love it!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I think I know this pond. :) Wonderful poem Suki. You really brought the pond to life.

sukipoet said...

Thank you everyone! Cris, do you mean the flowers? The lilacs are from my yard. Three colors. Mom and Dad brought them up from Connecticut when they retired up here.

Lynne with an e said...

Beautiful. Unexpected. Fully lived. Poignant. You astound me with your poetry. I, who had thought I'd lost my love of poems.

Robin said...

O glorious Poetess! You are a true teller of story through your words!

I loved this...have re-read it three times... it reads beautifully when spoken aloud!

Love the new header too...

Love, always,

♥ Robin ♥

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I've come back a couple of times to reread your words... beautifully put words ... you are the pond and you see and feel from the pond ... rare indeed!

sukipoet said...

Thank you Lynne with an E. You always say the kindest things to me. I am inspired.

sukipoet said...

Robin, you are always so kind in your responses to my poems. To be read several times is an honor.

sukipoet said...

Blue Sky thank you for reading my poem and rereading! What an honor that is.