Friday, October 04, 2013

trip almost over

 Beach rubble in Provincetown
 Gray's beach, Yarmouthport
 Lunch with a friend at Sesuit Harbor, Dennis
Sesuit Harbor

Almost a month has passed. Fun was had, but no new insights about my life have occurred. I did talk to people, saw art and a movie, took nature walks, thrift shopped.  At first I engulfed all these things as if I had been starving, which I had been.  Then, slowed down a bit.  No, I did not have to do everything I miss.  Such as meditation groups and yoga embodiments though I received two.

I paid for three plus three mindfulness therapy sessions but it got to be too much.  So I lost some money by pre-paying although she gave me a gift certificate for the sessions I could not make.  That was a reminder in itself as I rarely pre-pay for future usage.

My eyes are sometimes bigger than my stomach.

But all in all a glorious time.  although I admit I have not been reading your blogs, dear friends.

Love, Suki


Mystic Meandering said...

Well who wants to blog when one is enjoying such delightful experiences on "The Cape"! lol Looks wonderful! You'll have lots of time to "catch up" :) Glad you have indulged :) We actually had our first snow here today in the Denver area! WooHoo! :)

kj said...

hi suki, sounds like you are off the cape and home again. a month is a wonderful amount of time and i'm glad you were able to give yourself such a gift.

you are a good photographer.

ps. i had a gig managing the marketing of whaler's wharf for a time and i was there when the piecemeal remnants of that gorgeous cement sign was laid at the back of whaler's wharf. the artisan coop was there to its left for five years.

i hope you have some insights in your dreams about where and how you want to live :^)


Kelly M said...

Movement is good. I'm so happy for you that you gave yourself this change of scenery.

Mim said...

well, no matter what, it all looks lovely

studio lolo said...

I never tire of NE marshes and beach scenes. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time away. You so deserve it, and more♥