Saturday, June 29, 2013

On Cape Cod

A little vacation on Cape Cod.  Soon to be over though.  Forgot the July 4th holiday was coming up.  So will leave a little early.  Plus Bibbity has been ill, needing daily IV treatment at the vets.  This task has fallen to my son and I feel I should be taking over.

Only a couple nice days, mostly rain and thunder.  Ah well.

For those who have ordered my chapbook, the press is running late.  Two to three weeks.  Just so you'll know.

Having fun talking with friends in the flesh so to speak.  Hugs, Suki


studio lolo said...

I wouldn't want to be on the Cape on the 4th of July. Too many people. But I'm glad you escaped for a few days.

Was Bibs ill when you left? I wonder what happened, poor guy. I hope he pulls through soon.


Kelly M said...

So happy for you that you get to see friends face to face. What a joy.

Mim said...

Oh the cape is great any time as far as I'm concerned, people or no people. I adore the beach at all times.


kj said...

I'm with Mim: the cape anytime is great. And the fourth is festive: fireworks on the beach and silly friendly goodwill abounds. (Come on lo, see for yourself!)

I'm glad you've had some salt air time with friends. You so deserve it!


Kim Andersen said...

Oh enjoy your time away! as I know you are - aside from pet worries - there's always something isn't there?

Lynn Cohen said...

So sorry kitty is ill.
Enjoy every precious moment with friends it's priceless.
And enjoy that sea air!

Mystic Meandering said...

Glad you made the trip! Hope you got a "walk on the beach." ;) Oooo - rain and thunder on the Ocean - sounds delightful actually - big surf. And those awnings in the photo are gorgeous! Safe trip back... And hope kitty is okay :(

Robin said...

Sun, Clouds, Surf, Sand... friends (in the flesh)....sounds like fun and a much-needed respite for you.

But, I'm with Lo...don't enjoy crowds on I understand your leaving pre-Fourth.

Can't wait to see more photos....

I am saying prayers for Bibitty....I'm sure he misses you and will perk up when you pick him up and kiss him.


♥ Robin ♥

sukipoet said...

Actually I am leaving early due to the potential crowds on the highway. I dont mind the crowds on Cape Cod. For one, I can just stay inside or in one very local spot.

But also leaving due to my guilt at my son having to transport Bibs to the vet daily and also give him his meds.

LO, I think his trouble began due to my not giving him his pepto bismol dose for potassium/magnesium. Then he also got pancreatitis. Im not sure what the IV fluid contains as they told me but it went in one ear and out the other.