Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cat TV

Really, what DOES he see out there???

I have been absent from blogging for awhile.  I am not sure why.  In a sort of frozen state to match the weather.  I continue to clear out these two houses, taking things to thrift stores and to the dump.  My son recently helped clear out one of two lofts.  Difficult for me to do alone as this one has a pull down ladder.

So, one space ready to be swept and checked off the list.

It is all going very slowly.

Mostly I read, watch movies and contemplate my past, and my parents and my brother.  My Dad came up strong yesterday as I sorted through some of his scrapbooks and was reminded of the broad spectrum of his interests.

  He loved chess and participated in some kind of chess club conducted by mail.  He also had a scrap book of photos of the moon he took, he loved photography and developed his own pictures.  All this goes in the trash including his camera equipment which is outmoded now.  In each of these scrapbooks were yellowed newspaper articles he saved about these two topics: chess and the moon.  Just two of his many interests.

I am doing nothing creative.  Well, I knit a pair of fingerless gloves out of local Alpaca yarn.  I bound up a small sketch book but it remains blank.  I am in a poetry group for 6 weeks so must write poems.  LOL.

And so it is........hugs, Suki


Lynn Cohen said...

sounds like you are sorting and organizing, not a small task, so I'd hardly say you were doing nothing. I can see poems coming from this event!

I hope you gave the cameras to goodwill at least, not the garbage. Someone would like the old ones! Or you might have sold them on EBAY. My cousin, who was in the camera business, which was his parents business before his, has a lovely collection of old cameras and old radios. Those scrap books might even be of interest to someone.

Imagine playing chess by mail. How far we have come with ONLINE everything! Not having to wait! Oh are we spoiled?

Love CAT TV!

Suki, I responded to your book buying query on my blog. Id be happy to do the purchasing for you to use the coupon discount and you could pay me directly. Let me know.

Happy, peaceful, Sunday!

Cris, Oregon Artist said...

Good to see you here Suki. Lynn and I have been lamenting the loss of so many who used to blog and who quit or only do it once in a blue moon and we miss them. I wish I had had the luxury of going thru my parents things leisurely but when my Dad died unexpectedly with our homes in escrow we had less then 60 days to clean up, sort TWO houses and buy a house 13 hours away and move here. I brought more with me then I would have and left some things behind I wish I had brought. So enjoy the process. It will all get done and by spring time you will feel like doing more. And Lynn is right.. what is one mans trash is another mans treasure. Hugs to you.

Mystic Meandering said...

You say it well, "and so it is..." Have been feeling that same sense of frozeness lately. Many I read in blogland are feeling the same. Kind of unmotivated, no momentum, no creative spark. Feeling a kind of winter hibernation - a time for incubating and reflection. I can't imagine having to clear out two houses and still try to do anything creative! Life sometimes just requires one foot in front of the other, doing what needs to be done.

I see you have snow on the ground! We are having a dry, brown winter with temps in the 60's last week - which is hard because I *love* winter - *real* winter :)

Maybe your cat is doing a "CAT" scan :) lol The cat in the house across our backyard loves to sit in one of their windows and just stare. I think he just loves soaking up the sun. :)

Ebay is a pain! I could never get the hang of it... Way to time consuming for what you are able to get... Whatever decisions you make are the right ones in the moment.

Heart Hugs - C

louciao said...

Cleaning out the old, reviewing the past, letting go of the outmoded and unnecessary...these I would consider major undertakings. Undoing the accumulations of two households--absolutely daunting, so it is admirable that you're picking away at it and making progress. Reading, watching tv, contemplating...perfect winter "medicines". Presently I have a quote on my bedside table that has to do with letting go of the old and no longer needed: "I freely and easily release the old and joyously welcome the new." Well, I'm working on it. Be kind and easy on yourself. Thank your cat for being such an excellent example of how to be at one with what is.

Annie said...

Suki, It must be hard to throw those things of your father's away, I am being sent some of my mom's things that I packed up when I was home, not sure what I will do with them. It is a sad, heartbreaking thing to have to deal with. Stay warm and enjoy class. xoxo

sweet liberty said...

awww... such a strange feeling! thrusting your head through a very narrow crevice in this wall... just to see/hear dear suki with her always soft way of talking about things... such positive vibes!


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

This sorting and clearing out is very creative and as was said, a poems in the works. Not an easy thing to do and I remember moving very slowly when I had the job with my parents home. Be well!

Robin said...

CAT TV.....the best! Bibitty can see and smell and hear so much more than we *mere* humans...

I know you have had really cold temps up on the Mountain... at least clearing out the house helps keep you warm!

It is always difficult to look at your parents' memories - and decide what to keep and what to let go... you are a wise woman - and will make the right decision.

Wonderful news about the Poetry Workshop! Your poems are so full of beautiful imagery - you will be able to learn so much among your peers - AND - also teach them how to write! Believe in YOURSELF dear Suki!

Love, and kiss Bibs for me!

♥ Robin ♥

marianne said...

This isn't easy work to do but helpful in getting your life as a picture before you as it runs through your fingers.
As soon as the weather is better I plan to take the whole content of the attic down and sort it out what I want to save I will keep downstairs in a spare room nothing more in the attic.
We save all this stuff and then later someone else has to sort it out and trow the most of it away.....
I can imagine this is a time consuming job.
I haven't been very creative either, guess the winter slows me down and also my mind.
It is raining here and that doesn't help me much. But eh it is what it is. I know once february is over things will brighten up and I have 3 sunny trips ahead so that will help me through the winter.
Hahaha cat TV that is a good one. They are so content with so inspiring
Hope you are doing fine dear and are taking care of yourself as well.
When all is done you will know what path you will take next.

Kim Andersen said...

and so it is

and you are not what you produce - I have to tell myself that because the old work ethic is a real taskmaster