Thursday, July 05, 2012

The bench is back

 Milk weed flowers seen on my two mile walk down the road.

 When I first moved here there was a rickety bench by the stream.  I sat on it often and looked out over the fields.  Last year the bench was gone.   This year the bench has returned, newly minted and sturdy.  I reach it at about the one mile mark, so enjoy resting here before the return walk.

The little babbling stream.

I have been absent from blogland the last two weeks.  A change has happened and it means a lot of work for me so I am doing the work.  Some days I peruse posts but comment only on occasion.  Be well, Suki


Teri and the cats of Curlz and Swirlz said...

How nice to come upon something you had missed, it's presence giving some continuity to life... said...

Good Morning Suki, this is a nice little bench! And all the greens are so green oh my! I hope that you are enjoying this change, and that the work will not last too long, (if it's not art, then it can last I guess:), have a wonderful day,

louciao said...

It's encouraging to see that in spite of the change that is requiring much work from you, you're still able to take some moments to feel gratitude for the humble pleasures of life. An extravagant wildflower, a rugged bench, the kindness of a stranger, the babbling of a stream are the simple gifts in a day. Thank you for sharing them.

Annie said...

Suki, I hope all is well and that the change is good. We miss you.xoxo

Kim said...

Dear Suki, I have missed you but had a feeling you were taking care of things. We all know how that is from time to time. I hope all is well. It seems your beautiful walk and lovely new bench may be a helpful addition to your days! Peace!

marianne said...

Hi Suki,
I know change can make one tired. I haven't commented much either Looked also occasionally here and there.
have been ill and tired and without energy to do whatsoever...... after Sjimmie died and my new studio was finished.
I hope things will be normal from next week.
I like that bench Suki!
So good to have that as a resting point halfway your walk. Enjoy it and wish you the best with all those changes and work!

Mim said...

I hope all is OK - that is a lovely relaxing looking bench.

Be well, xoxo

Mystic Meandering said...

Much love to you dear Suki... May this "change" bring you where you need to be for your ultimate well-being... C

Robin said...

Yes....change -changes - can make one feel tired - all the time.

The new bench IS something positive though....something to mark your halfway point as you walk...and that is a lovely, positive thing. Whoever built that bench IS a nice person..they thought of the comfort of others...

Know that I am always thinking of you and sending encouragement and strength.

Love and many hugs to you and Bibitty,

♥ Robin ♥

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I too hope all is well. Wonderful about the Bench coming back even better. Do you know who did it?

glitz said...

So that's what milkweed looks like. I've occasionally wondered...and now I know. Your walk looks so serene, Suki.
Enjoy your changes - I think you may be ready for them.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Your sunshine on green grass seems greener than anything here...enjoy your walks and bench sitting.
Good thoughts are sent your way!

studio lolo said...

I've only seen milkweed pods, not blooms like this. It's beautiful!

I love that bench. You should carve something subtle somewhere but not so much that it will be defaced. Maybe "namaste" on the bottom ;)

I hope these changes are something you can handle. I often think of you.


~Babs said...

Thinking of you here also. Whatever the changes are, I hope that they come easy.

Somehow I see that bench as symbolic of comforting and strengthening.

The milkweed looks a little to me like a hydrangea.

Kelly m said...

How mysterious! Benches that disappear and are replaced!

Tess Kincaid said...

I love seeing your beautiful neck of the woods...glad the bench is back!

Lynn said...

What a huge flower and leaf! And your doings is as mysterious as the bench going and coming! ;-) I hope it is all for the good of your life! Hugs from me just back from ten days away!

kj said...

gee suki, i thought i left a comment already. i add my thoughts and well wishes to your work, whatever it is. i hope to see you soon


kimmie said...

I haven't been by to say hello for quite some time! we've had a very busy summer so far and I'm finding it hard to do my usual things :(

you are blessed to have such a lovely place to walk! I'm glad your bench has returned though .... 2 miles is quite a trek!

BrittArnhild said...

Good luck with your changes.
beautiful lush green photos.