Saturday, March 31, 2012



before you I stand
lost in a narrow room
blue chair, footstool
boxes of books
the markers of my jail

show me acres of forest and field
borders of tumbled stone
show me red fox and hawks
evening shadows and moon
ease my discontent

guard from wind and rain
reflect sun's heat
thaw these frozen veins
open to cool breezes
in darkness, echo my smile


kj said...

suki, such loneliness and such hope.

thaw my frozen veins. oh yes, allow flow again. sometimes a warm fire will do that, sometimes a nearby friend, sometimes a prayer, sometimes a change.

your poetry is really at a level up up up in the heavens. please check out colrain. i can imagine you in the company of poets and i can imagine the feedback you will get.

i keep nudging you toward this and that. i hope i'm not pushy. i can't help myself ♥


Lynn said...

Funny, KJ and I both glommed onto the same line..."open my frozen veins"... that struck me hard!
also "the markers of my jail"...
powerful words
break free and run

Mystic Meandering said...

I hear your longing for a different "view" of life... I am curious about the photo, Suki. Is this from when you lived on the Cape? - the view you now long for? It's beautiful! At first I thought it was a painting. Such a difference being enclosed in a woodland setting... I hope soon you free yourself from your "prison."
Heart Hugs...

sukipoet said...

Christine, unfortunately the photo is one i just downloaded from the internet and not a place i ever lived.

Annie said...

Suki, your poems just get better and better. I would love a book of your new poems, I would be the first to line up and buy it. xoxo

Tammie Lee said...

and full of feeling

ZenDotStudio said...

you write such lovely haunting poems that speak to both lightness and dark at the same time, that get into our bones and take us past the words.

I hear the longing for freedom here, yours, but all of ours. We all know this place and you paint it so beautifully.

Do I hear you moving??????

studio lolo said...

I always savor every word. Your poetry and prose speaks volumes, Suki. I have several favorite lines in this one!

Thank you for sharing another lovely poem.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Beautifully written Suki!

Mim said...

I too love this poem, very haunting

Marla Hinds said...
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Marla Hinds said...

Hello Suki! I was moved by your poem. It’s sad and metaphorical. Well, everybody can be a good poet like you when one sees the window photo that you posted. It can be a simple window, but enough to stir all your senses and emotions.

Marla Hinds