Friday, March 16, 2012

An Unusual Winter

An Unusual Winter

No frozen pipes
three driveway plows
down a dozen from last year
brown fields, not white
red fox, no deer
two stray cats, hidden ice
sap buckets slow to fill
contrails chalk the morning sky
early mud clasps ankles, tires
on the road, two eagles land
police divert traffic

In time
the eagles lift
leave no mark as they soar
into their own wild spring

s. pope 2/2012


Lynn said...

easier winter for you Suki Poet, love how you string words together to paint pictures on your space

love your comment you left me today too, thank you very much!

Hugs for a great Friday!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Lynn said it too.. a easier Winter for you and you DO paint pictures with your words.. but hope its not a bad summer. Thanks also for your comment on my blog post. Appreciate it.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Great description of this winter. So much happening and yet it wasn't harsh at all. Yay...

kimmie said...

Maybe you're having a northern california winter for a change .... we're a soggy cold mess over here. The weather people say it's "La Nina." cold and wet in the western half of the country - warm and dry in the eastern. I'm glad the eagles seem to know what to do. If I had wings and were part of nature - I'd be freaking out.

Robin said...

Love how you used a few words to recap an entire made it all seem very real... wonderful!

You KNOW we in *the West* had a lovely, mostly-sunn, mild Winter...but, this past week, we are making up for it....constant 24/7) rain, wind, cold....sigh...

The photo of the Bald Eagle makes me very sad since I learned the Government is allowing an Indian tribe to slaughter two of them - our National Symbol - for religious purposes.


♥ Robin ♥

KAT said...

best photo ever of the eagle I love how peaceful it looks

love your poetry ...very cool


~Babs said...

How perfectly you describe the warm winter.
"three driveway plows down a dozen from last year"

And yaaaa for the eagles.

soulbrush said...

yes it has been a very wierd one here too. I keep waiting to see if the 'real' winter will still happen!

Katiejane said...

It's been a crazy one, hasn't it?

kj said...


In time
the eagles lift
leave no mark as they soar
into their own wild spring

this is unbelievable. this is mary oliver quality.

i read this post, suki, and i think i am lucky to know you.


ZenDotStudio said...

You have the magical touch to capture so much in so few words, to give us a picture in your lovely poem.

I hear tell of warm weather out east. We're waiting for ours to arrive on the wet coast!

Tess Kincaid said...

Beautiful poem! Same animals...

Chris said...

I'd read (and enjoyed) this poem earlier, so it was wonderful to hear you read it through Voki today.