Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tissue paper

I have not been doing many creative projects lately so I got out some white tissue paper and splashed some paint around. These sheets will require more layers of paint. On the fourth from the left I painted the paper first with gesso just to see how that worked.

The two sheets on the left have string couched between two sheets of tissue paper and the third sheet has leaves. Some mentioned on my previous tissue paper post that their tissue paper tends to tear. That's why I make a double layered sheet. Two sheets of paper "glued" together with matte or gloss medium. I let this sandwich dry and then paint on the colors. This gives me a stronger sheet which will hold quite a few layers of paint without tearing.

What to do with all these papers? At first I had envisioned a 12 by 24 inch wall hanging. Now I am thinking to first try a sort of prayer flag type thing. My proclivity is to make little books. Fun but what are their purpose? Or I could just stash the papers in a drawer and use in projects as they arise.

Meanwhile I spent a week chasing down my dentist as I had chipped out some filling and feared infection. Miscommunication was involved but finally on Monday I had a dental visit. No infection he said, but a crown is in order. As he had an immediate time slot due to a cancellation I did the first step then and am now a good bit poorer.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Great idea about gluing two sheets together...although I like the ripped pieces too. Beautiful colors!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Its good you got out some colors to play with be it tissue paper or whatnot. Its a good start to creativity. I am sure you will come up with something fun for you to do. Bummer about the tooth but I know that poorer feeling. Glad you got it taken care of.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Just see where these colorful tissues take you. There is a lot of inspiration here. Too bad about the tooth. UGH... I hate dentists. They are necessary evils.

Mystic Meandering said...

Dental work - ugh - I've been putting mine off for years because of the expense. I'm sure you will have creative ideas for your colorful tissue paper! You could make blank note cards with a cut piece of tissue on the front? Just an idea... Then send us all a card :) LOL

~Babs said...

I need to,,,I want to,,,but still I haven't tried anything with tissue paper.
When I enlarged I could see the leaves and string. Very interesting!
Oh lord, all things dental require a bank robbery, but especially crowns!

Lynn said...

I've had fun working with painted tissue paper in the past too. I used it to line those little cloth purses I made you might recall.

I am dreading when we retire and lose DH's health insurance, and dental insurance. Last visit when I got a crown on I asked if I had any other teeth that looked like they might need work and if he could please do it NOW as I did not want to wait until THEN. He said only one tooth has some serious cracks and he'll schedule the fix for it before DH retires.

BrittArnhild said...

Little books of these coloured sheets would be perfect. Fpr what purpose? For beauty of course!

studio lolo said...

Suki, I know whatever you choose to make with these papers it will be beautiful and meaningful. I love everything you make! I remember clearly those lovely large pieces you showed us at KJ's. Man, I fell in love with them! Too bad YART didn't happen because I know they would have sold.

I think I need a playmate to get my creative juices flowing. I have so much stuff and I stand frozen in one place without doing anything. Yesterday I did manage to work on a long neglected painting as I nurse this cold. But back to work tomorrow, so the creative muse will have to stay in hiding a bit longer.

Dentists and I have a long history. I'm glad your issue was resolved quickly, but I do know the pain of dental debt!


Annie said...

Lovely sheets of tissue, whatever you choose to do with them, and so what if little books don't have a purpose, they are beautiful.
Good luck with the tooth, I have had a chipped filling for months, waiting to get in to see my dentist, I know about the money crunch, but teeth are a good investment :-).

Katiejane said...

Ooo, yes. Crowns are quite pricey. Too bad you had to go that route.
I've not felt very creative lately either. Mostly, I want to get outside as much as I can. Love these beautiful papers. I'm certain you will find a good use for them.

PeaceGardenSu said...

beauty for the sake of beauty is plenty of 'purpose' ... the Joy of Doing is sufficient unto itself but in sharing you are are also giving the rest of us something to enjoy and admire-- a great gift!!

PS-- May your Toothie be helped without further
undue pocket strain ahead!!

PeaceGardenSu said...

PS- Enjoy the sugaring off and mud boot season.. can I snail send you some moolah for maple sweet treats??

kimmie said...

I think a prayer flag thingie would be really neat with those papers ... sorry about the dental work :(

p.s. don't feel bad about the browser/google/blog comment troubles ... google seems to be putting the squeeze on all of us :(

Mim said...

yuck dentist. I need a visit and have been putting it off. I love the sheets of tissue together -
I too need an art date but I know us - we'd end up chatting all day....oh well, that's fun also

kj said...

suki, any prayer flag you would make would be infused with the highest spirituality. someday when you're ready i would like to commission something like that from you for my yard.

i hope all is well as spring finally arrives. i think of you you-know-where: i can't help it :^)