Saturday, October 15, 2011


It took me a few days to recover from the thrill and excitement of the Willow Ball 2011, but I am finally grounded in everyday life again! A friend treated me to a birthday lunch and gave me a bouquet of these plus a gift certificate to a local bookstore. What a dear! I have known her since the mid-70's so a long relationship.

Purchased more yarn. Am knitting the black, alpaca with glitter, into a scarf. The red/pink I am not liking so well. Too thin. I hope the black scarf comes out well as I would like to make a few for Christmas gifts.

Still tearing up old journals. For many years I wrote in cheap ring-bound notebooks and decorated the cover. This cover I will keep. A collage of pictures of me. Am I ego-centric?. More like eccentric. LOL. I put the journals in the recycling bin however have to tear off the metal ring swirl thing. So, time consuming.

Six years or so ago I took a lot of paintings off the stretchers and rolled them to save in less space. I got them out and am deciding to keep or not to keep. When I turned 50 I went through a figurative stage and painting from old black and white family photos. This is me and Aaron even though it is not a portrait of us, ie doesnt really look like us. It does in spirit.

This I painted of myself from imagination and also looking in a mirror I think. No photo. As you see it honors the two parts of me, the painter and the writer/reader. I am in the room with the eaves at 217 County Road.

Leslie Avon Miller has honored my poem "Gravity" with a spot in her current blog post "Painting and Poetry." Thanks Leslie. I am touched. To be heard and seen means so much. click here for post.


Mystic Meandering said...

Suki - Thank you for always sharing the essence of who you are in your posts... You *are* seen and heard, and appreciated... Christine

Katiejane said...

It's fun to dig out some of our old stuff and look at it again, I think. I like the paintings (or are they pastels?) that you did. I guess most of us are a little ego-centric. Afterall, we are our best subject. :)

kimmie said...

Beautiful flowers ... The alpaca will make a luscious scarf ... And I really like your paintings. Canvas painting is something I have never tried. Self portraits either. And painting a self portrait is very much like writing in a journal in't it?

Lynn said...

What wonderful finds. I love your old photos...we of almost the same era...familiar making.
and your paintings wow. why are you not doing more of this???
I think you ought to.
Happy knitting. black glitter sounds exciting...I bet the others will make nice soft scarves, hats, mittens...(the fingerless kind perhaps?)
And How NICE indeed to be posted on another's blog.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

I love your self portrait Suki.

It pains me to hear you are recycling your journals, but I try to understand that they served their purpose.

Every bit of writing I have from people in the past I cherish...there isn't enough that goes beyond the weather report of the day.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are such a good artist and I see that you have been for some time. Cheers.

louciao said...

When I look at your mother and child self-portrait I remember that indescribable closeness one has with one's baby. And I love the painting of yourself as writer/painter. So much character in it, in the clothes, the posture, the hair, the colours. Good stuff to have dug out!

layers said...

I saw your poem at Leslie's post-- congrats and wonderful poem too.. and hope you had a nice birthday.. sounds like you did.

patti said...

So much in this post Suki!

Love your paintings as always. They are soft and true.

Love your eccentricity too, don't stop now!

soulbrush said...

I really like the piece of you and aaron, it 'stirs' me.

Robin said...

Another gorgeous much to comment on.... first, I am SO HAPPY "Pippi-Suki" is back! Love that image...

You know I am a huge fan of your always rings true to me.
The portrait of you and Aaron is so full of love.... and I love the "melange of those photos....I *see YOU* in all of them!

Love that black aplaca with the *glitter* will look like tiny crystals of snow on whatever you make - hat, scarf,etc. lovely to be included in Leslie's Blog! That poem is an all-time favourite of mine...and so appropro for the season. I hope one day, your poems WILL be published. They really deserve to be.

Lastly....I wish I could hear the sound of Bibiity *snoring* wonderfully relaxing.....

Love to you both,

♥ Robin ♥

Annie said...

I echo what Christine said so well.

BrittArnhild said...

Such beautiful art you share Suki :-)

~Babs said...

I loved seeing all your 'older' things.
And what an awesome thing, being featured by Leslie. (deservedly so)

Sigh,,,,Gerberas are one of my most favorite flowers.
Happy Birthday Suki!
Seems I am always late these days, but well intentioned. Hope it becomes your best year yet!

Caroline said...

What an interesting post! Love the flower pic! You are brave to throw out the journals. Do you paint still? You should, you know!!

marianne said...

It can be nice to go through things and decide what you would like to keep. I just love letting go of unnecessary stuff.
Hope you will save all your paintings!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I missed this some how. Lots going on in my life I guess..Lots of fun things here and your old paintings are cool. I like looking back at my old work and seeing what I was going thru and how I have changed. I did a self portrait once also. They are fun to do.