Sunday, October 30, 2011

At the Millay Colony

At the Millay Colony

up the road I pace,
then down to the pond
where ice forms like fat
rising in chicken broth,
where the cherry tree,
fallen one thunderous night,
spans the water.

There, straddling the trunk,
wrinkled mastodon
awaiting the caretaker's saw,
when he gets to it,
I watch the four-toed
salamander lap the cherry's shadow,
watch my mutable self
mirrored below the sky,
without fire.

Across the dry-grassed meadow
the poet's cabin stands: woodstove,
childlike desk, pen,
blank notepad. Blank
as the rain-streaked window
until late that afternoon
framed in a pane of glass
the setting sun's reflection burns
bright as the light
on my typewriter's rim
signaling on.

an older poem, date unknown

for more poems in response to this prompt see Magpie Tales.

Thanks to willow for the photo.


Lynn said...

another goodie with lots of wonderful pictures (chicken soup fat rising)...and others...lots of emotion here. glad you are writing!

kj said...

as the rain-streaked window..'

ah that i would have the reflection of that setting sun, suki. sometimes i just sit, think, wish, i could know what i know to be true.

i always enjoy your poetry.

and tess, i like what you do.


Mystic Meandering said...

Wow - Poignant Poem, Suki... Wonderful imagery! "...watched my mutable self...darkening" - powerful.

Katiejane said...


louciao said...

My favourite line here:
"where ice forms like fat rising in chicken broth." Brilliant, apt, so descriptive. The rest of the poem intimates a poet's wistful desire for words to arise, as thick and juicy as that chicken fat, from the typewriter she left simmering back at the cabin.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

What a special walk to the pond...observing, observing and then looking back through the window...lovely

Robin said...

You ARE a Storyteller! A TRUE Poetess! I read this aloud....and it is fantastic....I mean it!!!

Sending you and Bibs many HALLOWEEN HUGS!!!!!

I hope the snow is melting.....and that the Autumnal Sun is shining!


♥ Robin ♥

p.s. OMG...sampling those Burdick's Chocolates....... beyond delicious!!!!! YUMMY!

zendotstudio said...

where ice forms like fat
rising in chicken broth,

Gotta love that line! I feel the melancholy, the cold dampness of the afternoon. I am there with you.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Its fun to see how you link up the pictures to your stories. Blank notepad. Yours isnt.

~Babs said...

Ah, yes.
"Fat rising in chicken broth"
so much said in so few words.

And no, I can't imagine your notepad being blank for long. If ever.
(and I love that photo prompt)

kimmie said...

I really get the feeling that the poet's cabin is a refuge. Chicken fat and mastodons and salamanders all things to seek refuge from.

layers said...

Hi Suki poet, thank you for leaving such a nice comment and wishing me a good trip to Japan.. I had a wonderful trip. and I agree.. I only like empty bird cages..I love your poem here.