Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Keeper of the Well

Here is the latest healing cloth for the Cloutie Well, sent to me by Mystic Meandering of Colorado. Isnt it beautiful? Mystic wrote me a lovely handwritten note and dubbed me the Keeper of the Well. I like that!

I took a video in two parts of my walk to the well. However I uploaded them in the wrong order so if you like, watch the second video first and the first video second. Peace!


Robin said...

Oh "Keeper of the Well", first, I am so happy you are ok and unscathed by *Irene*... I have had you, Lo, KJ, Mim, Hannah (Lori's Daughter) and Pam on my mind all day.... thank goodness you and Bibs are ok!

This new prayer scarf is a gorgeous addition......and yes, a *Glen" does have trees! I see *mine* is fading...but still, it hangs and will wave, proudly, when it dries again.

This is a "Living Art" be sure.... how wonderful! Every time I think of *the Glen* matter my personal pain, I feel happy.... thank you for these videos.... they reinforce my happiness!


♥ Robin ♥

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Keeper of the Well is perfect for you Suki. Irene kindly filled your well. Be careful walking to and from there.

Mim said...

it's getting very mystical out there - and yes, a living art project. Beautiful

Anonymous said...

I finally took the time to look up Clootie (or Cloutie or Clouthie) well. I learned something new. And now I know what you are doing with these cloths. Very cool.

louciao said...

Gorgeous purple cloth. I enjoyed the walk and commentary.
Be well!

Mystic Meandering said...

Wow Suki! Yes, you are definitely "The Keeper of the Well."! It is so special that you have created this sacred space and hang all these wonderful "prayer/healing" cloths. It's great that you took the video to show us the well and all the other cloths that are hanging there... I am honored to be a part this "healing glen."

Humble Heart Hugs :) Christine

patti said...

I think 'Keeper of the Well' is a very apt name for you Suki!

Thanks for taking us to the well again, it is a lovely place with all the cloths floating from the trees.

kj said...

awww suki, i didn't know this is so deep into the woods. i imagine someone coming across these scarves and this well and being reassured by the caring of a human being. this touches my heart and gives me comfort.

good for you.


Lynn said...

How fun to see you and hear you in action Suki, Ms Well Keeper...and to see all the flags hanging (including mine) sweet!
I am amazed you could hold a camera, talk AND hang a flag all at the same time! You rock!

PS that thistle in your side bar is beautiful too.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I viewed the last one first and the first one last and it worked out well. Amazing what the rains can do to trees...your wooded area is so beautiful! As you approached the well area it felt as if you were entering a sacred place. Thanks for the tour!

Jann Gougeon said...

Hi Suki . . love your header, your new blog color, and the beautiful cloth!

Teri C said...

I am so happy you are okay after Irene came visiting in your area.
I love your new header and Blog look.
You always get involved in the neatest things Suki.

Katiejane said...

This is very nice, albeit somewhat hard to get to. I'll bet the walk there is normally calm and peaceful. The scarves provide a surprise and a bit of color.
You'll make a good Keeper.

kimmie said...

Keeper of the Well .... I like that :)
Hope all is well now that Irene has moved on ...

~Babs said...

I really enjoyed this Suki, and YES to Keeper Of The Well!

It's amazingly green and beautiful in the glen. It would mostly be brown here.I, too, am glad to hear you had no big problems with Irene.
(also glad none of those branches fell on your noggin while making these videos for us)
Thank you for taking us,,,,I just love experiencing this place,,,and with the Keeper, no less!

studio lolo said...

i love the frog leaping into the well as you approached! he should probably thank you and your friends for decorating his "pad" so tastefully!

This is a sacred healing place. I can feel it through the vidios, honestly.

I'm so glad you came through the storm okay. Those poor Vermonters. If I were there I would help.


Marion said...

This is such a wonderful idea...I think of you and the glen sometimes, glad it survived pretty unscathed through that hurricane. I love the purple of that cloth, so gorgeous!

I think the 'Keeper of the Well' suits you. It sounds mystical! xx

Annie said...

Suki, Happy to see that you made it through Irene. The new scarf is lovley and you are the keeper of the well for sure! xoxo

Andrea said...

Hello Suki, it's so nice to take this walk with you out to the mysterious well, and to listen to your voice. And, I think if you can walk out there, you can also hande a spiral staircase everyday lol:)