Saturday, August 06, 2011

hot wax

Further work done on the "Madonna." Now she looks a bit sultry, but oh well. I added oil pastel and encaustic wax. Blue encaustic on the headscarf, red on the hair and clear on the face. The sleeves are topped with pieces of painted dryer sheets Natalia sent me.

With hot wax I applied two queen anne's lace flowers. I also used white oil pastel to make a rubbing of a plastic lace placemat pattern on the dress.

I'm going to leave her "unframed" for now and just put her away for awhile. My favorite part is the grey and brown background areas esp in the upper left corner.

I set up a small encaustic area in my Dad's workshop in order to do the "Madonna" and felt inspired to play around with the encaustic on some birch boards. I had started this scene at the encaustic workshop I took two years ago and yesterday added layers of encaustic paint. Today I may scrape back some layers. I'll see. Just learning. but as with paper making, I took to encaustic quite strongly.

I am also learning to knit. There is a knitting group at the library so I gulped my fear and went. L. had to show me how to cast on. And the knitting stitch. From a children's book I figured out the pearl stitch. Lots of mistakes here but interesting. The group meets twice a month and for me is more a being with people thing. I may never knit anything except a long scarf-like stream.


kimmie said...

She is quite beautiful ... I like the downward tilt of her head - I think that's what gives her the sultry look. Interesting how a slight tilt can seem suggestive :)

Knitting groups are fun - you will definitely learn to knit - but it's the chatter I enjoy the most :)

Robin said...

Kimmie made such an astute comment...just the tilt of a head can change a's amazing and quite wonderful!

Knitting! Suki - you are too much!
Even if you *only* make scarves (this coming from a woman who can barely sew a button on ) will have fun....and yes, it's mainly about having *people* good for one's soul.
I love this gorgeous blue colour!

Big Hugs to you and Bibs!


♥ Robin ♥

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The Madonna is nice Suki. It has such depth. I guess created with the wax. I would love to try that some time. Now knitting I tried long ago. I couldn't make my stitches as neat as yours. Knit one pearl two...

marianne said...

Wow Suki! Just lovely! It is amazing how you work with layers without getting guck...... Everything looks so wonderful and fresh! Incredible beautiful!
Too bad Lori lives so far from you!

Have a nice weekend dear♥

Tess Kincaid said...

Very nice, Suki. My favorite is the Madonna. And your knitting is lovely. I am always very impressed by anyone who can knit. My aunt tried to teach me once. It didn't "take". giggle

kj said...

i like this, all of it, suki!

she is indeed beautiful. i want to see more.

do you visit lori, i can't remember? she is a knitting TEACHER!!


Teri C said...

I Find this whole process so amazing and the results are so beautiful.

~Babs said...

I really like the last photo, before the knitting.
It is just so juicy and rich.

Tilt of the head, yes. But I think it's her left eye also that adds to the sultry effect, as it's not as apparant (to me) in the full on face.
I knitted once.
And found I had no patience for it.
Scarves are so poplular,,,it's good that you will have many.

ZenDotStudio said...

I love the sultry Madonna. I thought it was the Buddha before I read! But then I'd probably think that wouldn't I?

You are a brave soul. I can't knit and there are so many wonderful simple shawls and cowls around these days. Maybe I should give it a try this winter! I remember my mother trying to teach me to knit. It wasn't a fun experience so I gave up.

soulbrush said...

How exquisite, I am just learning to use beeswax and have just bought a craft iron and some beeswax pellets, now all I need to do is practise! You know how much I love knitting- so relaxing!

louciao said...

Great effects you've got going with all the textures in the Madonna picture. The idea of working with encaustic intrigues me. It really does look like you're onto a good thing.

Knitting--watch out, it's addictive! I keep on gamely picking up my needles and acquiring more wool even though most of my efforts turn out to be slightly disappointing in the end.

studio lolo said...

Suki, you're doing some beautiful, evocative work these days. I love it all!

Annie said...

Lovely Madonna! I love the wax and have being wanting to learn, also knitting, like KJ says, Lori is a knitting teacher, go visit her if you don't already, she could help.
Good for you putting yourself out there and moving through fear.

Lynn said...

Suki, I thought I was looking at a Judy Wise encaustic! So lovely. Happy to see you enjoying this medium. I look forward to seeing more in this arena.

Looks like you are off to a great start with knitting. I have no doubt you will master it over time.
It's taken me six years (I started when the twins were born) and now feel I can finally make good looking real things. (other than pretty scarves). You will too!!! It's fun and relaxing (eventually)

Lynn said...

PS: re knitting there is a wonderfully helpful website called that has videos and if you ask a question you need help on a real person answers very quickly!!! It saved me many a frustrating moment.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

This is a beauty!
Oh knitting! I used to knit like crazy but never got beyond scarves and is very meditative and you have started out with a great color! I like these new skeins with multiple colors!

Jude Ongley-Mowris said...

I LOVE your Madonna! Personally I think a little "sultry" in this department is kinda refreshing! Well done!

Katiejane said...

Well my, my,look at you getting out there. I can't knit worth a stitch so I think your practice piece looks great. I used to know crochet, but I'm betting I can't do that anymore either.

As for your painting, I am wowed! This is really good, my friend! I love all the little extras you've tucked into it. Yes, maybe let her rest for a bit. I'll bet you go at it some more later on. Very nice.

Mim said...

Knit away - it's good for you! See you soon

Lisa said...

So fun to see that you have done some more knitting!!
See you soon!

sukipoet said...

lisa, I knit a bit every day but have taken out all that I show here and even threw it away. began another bit but it too i must take out. it's a mess. i am sure if i keep at it i will "get" it eventually.

Anonymous said...

This is about how much knitting I know, too. I also would like to join a knitting group one day. How great that you gulped your fear and got out!

Cassy said...

beautiful piece of work.

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