Friday, August 19, 2011

Back Roads

I wrote a short story once with that title. Yesterday was so beautiful, I packed a lunch (chicken salad sandwich and a few chips) and drove the back roads. I stopped for lunch beside this stream.

Zoom of water, LOL.

Across the street was this falling down log cabin. I never would have seen it if I hadn't stopped by the stream for lunch. I couldnt even find a car access to the place.

I drove on up the hill to Acworth. I hadn't been there for 30 years. The library is adorable. The librarian explained the name Silsby which is the same name as the Charlestown library and, I now know, the Washington, NH library. Funds donated by the Silsbys for all three back in the twenties I think.

The dragon is in the playground next to the one room schoolhouse which is still in use. When I lived in NH in the mid-70's I knew two people who taught in the school. The dragon's scales are broken CD's.

The school. But it looks bigger than one room. There is a large addition not shown. Not sure when that was made.

Of course all the buildings except the library are New England white. I wonder if that is an actual paint color?

There are no stores or gas stations or anything commercial in this town. Nor for miles. Being there was like being thrust back in time to horse and carriage days.

I do drive with a cell phone but really.....they rarely work up in these hill towns. I drove in a big circle that took me 3 hours. Eventually I passed two country stores. These towns and roads are delightful in the summer but you have to really have your supplies in in the winter.

By the way on the entire trip I saw only about ten other cars!


Anonymous said...

Hi Suki! This looks as if there were no people living there....:) love the dragon and the old log cabin:) Perhaps there is a treasure burried in there? :)
have a wonderful weekend

studio lolo said...

I love taking myself on country roads and long drives. It gives me time to think and restore. I'm so glad you did that!

How typical, quaint New England those buildings are. I love their charm.

As far as the cell phone goes, I believe 911 will always work even without a signal? I don't know how, but still something to look into.


~Babs said...

If it's not a paint color, it should be. I wish it were cool enough here to have a picnic.

Loved your zoom.

It's so interesting to enlarge and really look at those structures. Great photos, thanks.
I believe Lo is right about 911.

Robin said...

What a magical, relaxing day for you! That brook....I can almost hear the plashing of the water.....(great *Zoom* work)!!!!

The DRAGON!!! I adore him!!! The school, the library.... well, everything there looks like it came from another gentler time.

How wonderful to take that drive - and only see 10 cars.... it's been a long time since I was in such a *quiet, untravelled* space.... thank you for taking us all along with you!!! I really enjoyed this.


♥ Fog-Bound Robin ♥

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Thanks for taking us along...wonderful to sit by the water, see the quaint village buildings. You chose a perfect summer day...only 10 cars?! Though very different in the winter...I would imagine fall to be spectacular too!

Mystic Meandering said...

Ahhhh - delicious water! I remember driving around for hours as well on old New England back roads - way back when. These places almost look abandoned, like some old movie set. I expect a pilgrim to emerge any minute... :)

Teri and the cats of Curlz and Swirlz said...

What a wonderful way to spend a day...a real treat for you, and one for us, too! Thanks for 'bringing' us along!

Lynn said...

What fun...I can hear the rushing stream, feel the summer air and taste the chicken salad sandwich.
I love the idea of being thrown back in time like that. Quaint.
And to think people actually live there year round, and kids still go to school in a one room school house! Amazing. And like I said, quaint.

patti said...

You live in a beautiful area Suki. I love picnics and enjoyed coming along for the ride on yours!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Looks like a lovely little sleepy town. Its good to see you getting out and about touring your area. thanks for taking us along with you.

kj said...

suki, this is the treasure we get livng in new england. oh these structures! the white is classic white: we'd know it anywhere, right? :^)

i can picture that dragon in a corn field where i live. seeing yours gave me a wide smile.


Tess Kincaid said...

Your neck of the woods is lovely...

louciao said...

Thanks for the tour! Good to get out and about and have a change of scene. I admire your gumption to just get in the car and go explore. I hate driving (learned too late in life) so never drive off anywhere just for the sheer pleasure of it. Looks like you found a perfect spot for your little picnic. Tempts me to dabble my toes in the stream, but it's too awkward to get my feet up on my desk and near to the computer.

Marion said...

So pretty and rejuvenating, Suki! I love country roads, especially when one comes upon something as pretty as those New England buildings. It's mostly old log cabins we find here. I always wonder about the families who once occupied them!

Have a super weekend..xx

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a FUN day trip. Now I know what I want to do next weekend!

Annie said...

Suki, Looks like you had a great day, I love those old buildings. Thank you for taking us with you.

Katiejane said...

What a nice little drive. Thanks for taking us along.

Mim said...

I love a ride like this- it's the best thing to do on a lovely fall (or fall- ish) day