Monday, July 04, 2011

Spreading the word about herbal medicine

Melanie of Secret Notebooks Wild Pages designed this logo for Goldthread Herbal Apothecary and farm in Conway, Mass. She has been taking some wonderful medicinal herbal classes there and posting about them on her blog. Check out her blog link above.

(Photo courtesy of Melanie: Lavender sage raw honey made on the farm. YUM!)

Take a look at the farm's new website via this link and see for yourself what a glorious place this is! And enter for a chance to win some honey and some tea made on the farm.

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Mary Richmond said...

Happy 4th, Suki! And thanks for posting this...I grow a lot of herbs and am learning about foraging for a lot of wild plants and foods--I admit I am totally intrigued by natural medicines, etc. and would love to go see this place...maybe in the fall.

Robin said...

Suki, as a "City Girl", I don't know too much about growing herbs....but I do love to cook with them!

That honey looks wonderful - and the site looks like a fun place to visit and learn!

Happy 4th m' dear!

Love to you and Bibs (and the Blue Egret if he flies by)!

♥ Robin ♥

studio lolo said...

oooh, and also in Florence where you know who lives :)