Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Anyone for a swim?

My Great-grandmother Elizabeth Flaherty Horton and my Great-grandfather Hervey Alfonzo Horton

unknown children
Third person in from the left is my Grandmother Grace. Fifth person from the left is Elizabeth, Grace's mom. The others are, I assume, Grace's sisters and brother.

I must say I miss having a place to swim up here in the boonies. Just a quick dip in water would be so refreshing. (PS I scanned these with my new scanner/printer. Any tips as to how to make them come out better are welcome).


Tess Kincaid said...

Oh, these are fabulous. I have a photo of my grandmother in a bathing suit. I need to dig it up...

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Don't you just love those bathing suits?? What fun to have such old photos and to know who is in them.
The pool water here is too hot to enjoy. A friend of mine that has a pool has frozen big chunks of ice to put into their pool to cool off the water. Crazy. I just stay inside where the air is cooled. I don't use a scanner because I have such terrible luck with it. I hope to read how others do it successfully.

kj said...

can you imagine seeing a guy in a bathing suit like that?!!!

you are right, suki: nothing like taking a cool dip.


ps word verf is bibish!

~Babs said...

Oh, you gotta love these swim suits! (and caps)

Great old photos, Suki!

patti said...

The photos are great! Everyone looks very cool and comfortable in the last shot!

You could try increasing the resolution (?) on the scanner. (Mine is a default of 200 and I sometimes increase to 300)

When we were kids we'd put the garden sprinkler on and run through it, maybe you could do this :)

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Great old photos. I have oodles of them packed away I never look at. I should. As for the scanner/printer.. I am still trying to figure mine out. If you figure yours out let me know. lol

Robin said...

Wonderful photos!!! Just think, once those swimsuits were chic!!!

Wonder what people will be wearing 100 years from now....

It's great you have some of the photos parents left me tons...but only about a quarter of them are named... faces with no sad..

Oooo,,I LOVE your new background colour!!!!


♥ Robin ♥

Mim said...

don't you have a swimmin' hole up there? We have a lake near us which is delightful.
Scanner - POOH - I hate them

Teri C said...

Old photos are sp fun especially when the people are related. Love those fashionable swimsuits. Can you imagine trying to swim in them?

layers said...

Those swim suits are fabulous- what memories for you!

ZenDotStudio said...

I do love that first photo. They look like interesting folks! Do you know much about them?

I have some old pix of my moms and many of the people in them are unknown to me but they hold an interesting fascination as these do of simpler times.

kimmie said...

Your great grandmother is even wearing some kind of hosiery. Wow. These are great!

Do you have any creeks or streams for wading in? You may have to watch out for leeches though. I remember those from Illinois.

Lynn said...

These are the most awesome photos. I just love them. The swim wear of the day was so funny (to us now).
And I do love the cotton caps!!!
Hope you find a place to cool local YMCA pools?

studio lolo said...

I love these old photos.

Suki, I thought NH had many swimming places. Ponds?? Something.
It's stifling here so you must be hot there!

I couldn't live without a scanner. Once I save the image to my photos I "fix" them if needed in Picasa.
I taught myself by messing around with it. Try it!

glitz said...

These are cracking photos, Suki! How precious they are!
I can't imagine swimming in them, and I wonder what the womens suits looked like when they were wet?
I have a nice Canon scanner that I've had for years and it seems to make a nice job. You could play with the resolution or the greyscale. I think it;s just a matter if fiddling around till you find what works for you.

Katiejane said...

Old photos are so neat to revisit. These do look like they were having so much fun.