Friday, June 24, 2011

4 short poems

I started a few poems in my notebook, then waited for further inspiration. It didnt come so I thought well maybe these are just four little pieces in and of themselves.

A cacophony of birds, lawn mower,
airplane, bullfrog, fan
here in this cabin
usually engulfed in silence.

June--before the cabin becomes
unbearable in the heat
windows open
loneliness dissolves in spring.

This wet summer passes
and I have made no decision
as to my fate.
In my chair I stare
out the window
fall asleep like a narcoleptic
my dizzy self staggers
and curls into cat curves.

The green tree frogs
call in the dusk
back and forth an echo
of friendship.


Robin said...

Ah, Suki, all four of these vignettes are stunning...I feel that now I am beginning to know you so well, I can *read* behind the lines and feel what you feel...

I have one more week of "Rings"....and my life will
S-L-o-W down....let's talk soon!

I hope the sun is shining, the Frogs are croaking and all the banners are wafting in the wind up in the Cloutie Glen.

Love to you and Bibs,

♥ Robin ♥

Mary Richmond said...

so lovely--i hear and see you in all your poems but these are quite evocative....thanks for sharing them ;-)

and glad someone can blog...i can't post on mine at the just cuts off and leaves me hanging in limbo ;-(

Marion said...

I love these. You've caught the feeling of June for me...they are beautiful, full of promise!

Have a good weekend, Suki! xx

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Suki I agree that they are poems unto themselves. Wonderful. I like them all but I just love the last one. I can just hear the party of friends going strong.

Lynn said...

I like them all...and how you use poetry to spell out your feelings and experience(s) in life. Your roses banner is stunning!!!!
Happy summer...and good luck with decision making too. ;-)

...louciao... said...

Oh, yes! These are complete and wonderful in and of themselves. They capture a mood and moment and depth of feeling so simply and clearly.

soulbrush said...

each one is so picturesque. love your poetry.It is so 'you'.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Perfect reflections and descriptions of your Spring...poignant and true.

kimmie said...

Your poetry is very beautiful. They have a haiku feel to them. Moments in time captured with just a few words. You transport us into your space ....

P.s. I will take you up on mending a few holes in jeans :)
I would love to stitch some love and friendship into them ...
milepost7@comcast dot net

(word verification is "resses" .... Makes me think of recess and playtime)

Tess Kincaid said...

Oh, very lovely all four. I can't chose one over the other. I like them all.

kj said...

you create vivid feelings with visual words, suki, some words strung together and some not.

i am glad that you the writer is an inspiration to me the writer.


Kelly said...

I also think these short poems are whole unto themselves. No need to add anything more! They are evocative.

Teri and the cats of Curlz and Swirlz said...

I am glad you shared these as all are things that comfort me in my loneliness too, and are my friends...