Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Well painting

I began the well painting on rice paper on March first or so. Here is a first draft with overuse of spirals methinks. Some were cut out of paper and glued on and others were stenciled.

Later I divided the painting into formal areas. In my mind, the well is at the bottom with leaves floating on top. The rice paper is surprisingly willing to accept any number of layers of paint, but not as workable as a stretched canvas. I am the kind of painter who needs to revise endlessly.

Here is the painting around mid-month. Those are three poppy leaves at the top.

Recently I added an arched top. The section above the well is not working. Last night I painted it a deep purple which I will modify with paint today. I will tear off the white area at the top but am leaving it for now as I can use it to clip the painting to a wall so I can see it upright. When I paint, it is on a table.

The painting is 22 by 34. My next challenge is to figure out how to hang it. Often I use large sheets of purchased handmade paper to hang my paper paintings. However, this is too large for that. Eventually I hope to have a number of works on the well theme and have an exhibit. Most likely in my own home.


Tess Kincaid said...

Very nice, Suki. I like its marvelous dreamy quality.

Katiejane said...

Very interesting painting. I like that you told us the different addtions and the processes you used. I'm trying to see it the way you do but I may have to wait until it's done. In any case, it make a pretty painting.

Lynn said...

Suki, I love so many aspects of this painting. The gold swirl at the bottom, the three parts, the raised paint lines that curve around at the top, the leaves floating on the bottom...oh I could go on and on. I like how you tear the paper after you paint and how well that looks as the outer frame of the picture. I like the shine of some of the paint. Oh yes do exhibit the series when done but not JUST in your home. Take them to a local gallery show. Others will enjoy seeing them I've no doubt! And do KEEP PAINTING!!!!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

This piece is evolving nicely. I especially like the floating leaves in the bottom area...a light showing through and a soft movement. The blue on the top rounded area is exquisite but you must follow your vision. I like the plan for three as it gives you a chance to explore your vision. Best of painting days!

sukipoet said...

katie Jane, I dont really expect people to see what the impetus was for making this. Or to see it the way I do. It's more abstract than that except in my mind it is a well.

Blue Sky thanks for you comments. I just removed the very top rounded part as I think it too large. the color may remain the same. the color I didnt like was the sort of brownish color below the section with the poppy leaves.

Lynn, thanks for your detailed comments. i do like to hear how others see my paintings.

patti said...

I loved seeing the progress of this painting Suki. It looks almost medieval, like an icon....beautiful!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Wow.. this is pretty. Really is a process working with anything. I too keep changing things in my paintings. Which I guess is why I like oils...because I can change things. Hope you do have a showing of your work.

Robin said...

I see this as a mysterious, dreamy well...think make-a-wish well, or ona larger scale, "Lady of the Lake" magical body of water.. like "blue Sky Dreaming", I feel the leaves are such an enhancement... you are really changing...your poetry and your art are simply spilling over with passion and life! It is contagious and thrilling to witness!


♥ Robin ♥

studio lolo said...

This piece has the unmistakeable Suki essence already. And the shimmer! I really love what you're doing here, and I love the idea of a show. But to a larger audience perhaps? ;)

Could this be the Cloutie well?
I love the floating leaves and spirals.
Quite magical Suki!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

A great start Suki. I can't wait to see the end result.

Kelly said...

This is really beautiful. It reminds me of ancient things, priceless things, like those buried under a pyramid with a shaman.