Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ah that's a deep subject

I've been quiet on the eastern front for awhile. I have been reading your blogs dear blog friends but perhaps not commenting. Going inward and going outward doing some needed tasks.

Here's what I've done recently:I cleared out two "ART" boxes and gave away most of the assemblage type items within. I wont be doing assemblages any more. My son removed a huge and heavy piece of furniture that was my Dad's from my den/studio giving me space to set up a second long worktable plus a small bookcase for supplies.

Bound up an 8x10 journal a la Teesha Moore as seen above from one sheet of 22x30 inch printmaking paper. This will be my Authentic Voice journal.

Made an assemblage in a wooden cigar box for my friend old pajamas who drove all my boxes up to NH from Cape Cod at Thanksgiving. I'd wanted to make this for him for some time. He fishes and also writes Haiku. In the little accordion book on the left hand side I wrote one of his haiku. The handmade paper was made by Joanne B. Carr.

An old Cape Cod postcard and some pressed seaweed and beach glass adorns the front of the box. I made the paste paper.
More paste paper and a print made by one of old pajamas' friends. This is the last assemblage I will do. I dont think I am patient enough for this craft.

I also bound up an 80 paged journal using some of the purchased handmade paper I bought last week for the cover. This is also for old pajamas. I am completing two similar journals for myself. Also I finished 16 peace cards (guess I'll take a break from my goal of 100).

Meanwhile, I think I would like to do a large well piece on rice paper. Not sure what size exactly. I created this well piece last year using foam core. The rocks are raised. I glued on pine needles.

I have written before about the old well on this property I live on, flat to the ground with crumbling rocks outlining it. I am fascinated by it.

I also attempted an acrylic on canvas painting after the foam core piece. Not sure if this needs more.

I envision presenting (to myself, I guess) the well in various forms. I think maybe even an artists book. Or an altered book around the theme.

I will use this poem I wrote in January(which some of you have seen before) as part of the "exhibit." (I may even have a tree branch with cloutie rags hanging from it like prayer flags.)

The Cloutie Well

Over the crumbling stone wall
beneath the dead and crackling
branches of dying pines
lies the old well.

Flat to the ground
clogged with leaves
full to overflowing.

I kneel on the stone surround
bend low and listen
for the dairy farmers lilting tones
for the moan of the cows.

I tie a ragged cloth
torn from an old sheet
on the branch above my head.
A cloutie well I'll make
a healing place.
My strip of linen
flying alone in the muffled wind.

A turkey clucks,
the hawk circles overhead.
In the distance,
the sound of a gun.

I am setting a goal for myself of wanting to do one thing well(no pun intended), instead of many things in a slipshod manner. Must decide what that one thing will be but right now I want to do above described exhibit.


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

OP is going to really like the art you are doing for him. Nice to be able to personalize things for others. Have fun with your presentation of the well. Its fun to do something you are jazzed about.

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Some things just speak to you, so it is with your one well piece with the pine needles. It reminds me of a very zen koi pond where you have to imagine the fish.
I love the colors and the pine needles look like some water plant to me. I really like it!

The fearless threader said...

Your post almost has a sense of sadness about it as you give away your assemblage items, and say you don't have the patience to do it anymore. But you sound regretful of that. I love the amaryllis on your banner. Hope you are well despite the regret in your voice.

Mim said...

love the amaryllis - how gorgeous!

I don't have the patience for assemblage anymore either but haven't gotten around to giving stuff away yet....maybe soon. But OP should love his piece and the wonderful things you have made.

Spring really is coming soon.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your amaryllis is gorgeous. I hope you arelooking at your change in focus as a postive thing. OP will love the assemblage you made for him. A beatufiul "thank you". I can't wait for your exhibit no matter what you decide to do.

kj said...

suki, where to start in responding to all the art and activity in this post? first, your exhibit sounds self soothing. i like that you will move slowly through its creation. sounds like a very good idea to attend and not expand.

thank you for the amaryllis. it is again again snowing as i write this so i am most appreciative of the color you offer!!

come on, spring! start busting out!


Marion said...

I loved this post. You've done so much just by visiting your inner self for awhile. You're so creative, Suki and so very generous.

I would be sitting at the side of that well every day, doing meditations and gathering inspiration. But it seems you really don't need any help to be inspired...these gifts are wonderful!

Annie said...

It sounds like you are really focused and that is a good thing, Old P will love his gifts made by you. Keep up the great work. xoxo

Lynn said...

I wrote a long comment and the computer refused me entry, trying again!

I was missing you and glad to find you here today. You were in my thoughts.
I like all the things you have been creating...and am sure Mr. PJs will enjoy and appreciate his box.
I find myself jumping from one medium to another art wise lately, and decided it's okay. But not sure there's anything I'd say I'd never do again. I had sort of thought that about knitting, but all of sudden I am enjoying it again in a huge way.
I hope the red flower brightens your days as much as it does your blog banner! Beautiful. Stay well.
And keep on creating it's all wonderful.

Robin said...

OP is one lucky man! What exceptional art you will be giving him.... and I know he realises it!

As for your "pre- Spring" clearing out of things.... as wistful as you sound, I still think it is good to make some can always return to this art form if you are compelled to do so.
These last pieces are POWERFUL - filled with emotion and strength!

The "Cloutie Well" piece is dreamy....I could lose myself staring into it's depths.... Suki, you do really wield a "magic wand"!

Oh, beautiful Amaryllis! It brings the promise of Spring to us all! (Although I confess I AM hoping for a teensy promise of snow here tonight or tomorrow morning.....) I KNOW almos everyone else has had enough of it!

So happy Bibs' new vet is closer!

Sending you both many warm hugs and much love,

♥ Robin ♥

Suz said...

your poem is excellent
and I honor your direction

studio lolo said...

I can relate to moving on from certain projects and the giving away of things.
I'm glad you took the time to do that wonderful assemblage for OP. That is a thoughtful piece of art.

I am loving the well theme!! I think a series of interpretations would make a wonderful statement! Very evocotive, just like this amazing poem.

I love what you're doing Suki!


San said...

An Authentic Voice journal. That sounds so Suki, and real. When I first read about your imagined well piece, I read "wall piece." After reading about your well, and your fascination with it, I went back and saw the rice paper piece is to be a "well piece." I like that. Of course it might be a "well wall piece." But "well" is the crucial word, the essence, no? Like going into the well within, for that Authentic Voice.

The assemblage for old pajamas is rich. He will love it.

Katiejane said...

Ah, common, doing many things in slipshod manner is what being an artist is all about, isn't it? Don't we all have ADD?
Seriously, I love the assemblage you did and your little books and paper are so nice. Such thoughtful gifts.
That relief of the well is beautiful! I can see that you love it. Have you thrown in pennies and made wishes?

...louciao... said...

I'm happy to see how well occupied (pun intendend!) you've been. It's good to concentrate one's energies, I think. It must feel so good to be clearing away and letting go of things you know you no longer need; of making up your mind that you don't need them. The projects you're creating for your friend are so special and filled with loving appreciation--what lovely gifts. I know exactly what you mean about wanting to do something really well instead of spreading yourself thin with lesser endeavours. I keep going off on tangents, myself.

marianne said...

Wow you have been busy!
I recognized the well from earlier post. Your version looks wonderful I also like the present you made for your friend.
Hope you can stay warm there and that spring will come soon. I think it has been enough, don't you?