Sunday, November 07, 2010

Some Days are Just Like That

Saturday I zipped around to various artists open studios, stopped at the library, dropped some books off at the thrift shop, drove by a house someone told me about. Basically had a fun "out" morning.

I used to see the church from the house I once owned in this town. Not sure what they are doing to the house below the church. The sign says "Not to Be." If they were tearing it down why not just smash it rather than take it apart board by board as they seem to be doing? I am rather fascinated by the process and the haunting feel of the place.

The churning river below the church that flooded 5 years back on my 60th birthday. Many homes were destroyed and a number of people killed. The Cold River.

Sunday I had a crash of sorts. Feeling very lonely and bereft. Registered for Yahoo people meet thing. Am I nuts?

I know my sadness is all my fault and under my power to change. I know....but still..... I took myself out to a cafe for a cup of tea and also perused books in the bookstore. That wasted some time and lightened my somber mood a bit. But why, I ask myself, do I still have no in-person friend? I was going to expand my horizons and take a 6 week poetry class, not that I need the instruction but just to meet people interested in writing, but it was canceled.

And why does it seem I have to pay to be around people? Rhetorical questions.


Mary said...

it is hard to get back out into the world after it has changed so much. you have had many losses. maybe join some groups that you don't have to pay for. there are often listings in the weekend papers of various meetings in the area. i don't know...but if you set the intent to go out and meet a friend i'm guessing it will happen. love and hugs to you.

Lynn said...

Perhaps they are taking the building down piece by piece because the pieces are still usable for something else? Sale?

Glad you took your self out and enjoyed the day.
Classes can be good places to meet others of like interest. Social groups can be too. I have clients have met their great love on internet connection groups. It does happen. Hey my son met his current wife that way and NEITHER was looking for a life long mate, just someone to go have fun with in the here and then. go figure! It could happen to you.

Annie said...

Oh Suki, I wish I lived closer. Mary has some good ideas, join a reading group or something where you don't have to pay and meet people of like minds. Volunteering can also be a good way to meet others. Sending you lots of love and hugs. xoxo

studio lolo said...

Suki, having been previously married to a finish carpenter I can tell you that if buildings are taken apart board by board, then they have a greater purpose. Usually it's restoration builders that covet things like these. This "not to be" structure will be something grand later on.

I don't think you have to pay for company. I think you're merely searching for more because you're ready to. I know the land (somewhat) where you live and it can feel desolate at times, especially in the upcoming season. Winter is long and harsh in the North, but I have no doubt you can find the warmth of others just by making yourself known.♥

patti said...

Yes, I imagine they are recycling the church timbers etc, so need to dismantle carefully.

Friends are harder to find as we get older. I am lucky to have my old school friends close by. A huge blessing!

A lot of people feel confronted unless they are in a formalised setting, I think. So paying for a class is safer I suppose, than spontaneous connection.

The fearless threader said...

It is well worth paying to meet people in a class or other joint event, firstly you already know you have something in common and a lot of people join them to meet new friends.

I've made some wonderful friends in classes and through joint activity groups.

Katiejane said...

I have so been where you are. I know this feeling very well. I don't have any real constructive help to give you. I joined lots of groups too and still I felt lonely. Maybe a part-time job somewhere, like in a bookstore would help. Even if you simply volunteered it would give you a sense of purpose.
I love the area you visited. Looks so interesting. Good luck, and I hope something pulls you out of your funk.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I have no constructive help either. Volunteering and Church are places I know of finding friends. Art groups you pay to go to, but you have to make an effort to keep up with people. Now that you are open to it something might just happen.

Robin said...

Suki, as someone who is in your position, I know how difficult it is to meet new friends....particularly friends who live near to you....

I have made some friends through my volunteer work at both the Opera and the de Young... so volunteering can work....although I don't know how many options you have where you live. Taking a class, though it costs, will interoduce you to like-minded people - and friendships can blossom there....

Sending you hugs and strength to check out some classes at a college in your have so many artistic interests....there ARE others close to you who do too.


♥ Robin ♥