Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Magpie Tales #41 Poem Clocking

Steady heartbeat in the bright late morning light.
Chimes bring awareness like a meditation bell:
wake up, wake up.
Reliable hands move, point,
sooth my tedious mind,
mark my course on life's time line as firmly as a stick of charcoal.
On lonely days this grandmother wraps me in her shawl and hums.

Without man's infernal measuring device
what would we have?

Photo courtesy of Willow and Magpie Tales. Read more prose and poetry using this photo as a prompt here.

On her blog, Willow has added an audio recording of herself reading her poem. I cannot use the program she does as I do not have an IPOD or MP3 player on which to record myself. But I used my camera's video selection to record myself reading my poem. So, this is not a video but an audio. I just aimed the camera out the window. Click to hear me read my poem.


Robin said...

Beautiful poem. Beautiful reading.... I love what you and Willow are now doing....

Thinking of you today......


♥ Robin ♥

willow said...

This is really a special piece. I love the notion of time being a kindly grandmother. So delightful to hear you read this, Suki. Especially that last zesty "infinity"!

kj said...

i'll take 'reliable hands' anytime, suki. this poem strikes me as keenly observational. i haven't heard you read it yet but when things are quiet, i will.

i like when you write.

Lynn said...

Enjoyed hearing you read the poem. Perhaps you can figure a way to point the camera at yourself reading. Thanks for sharing yourself in this way. Infinity. If only. ;-)