Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rainy Sunday

Possibly snow even. I saw a few flakes the other day. Another layer on these two pages. I thought Marianne's beautiful card really perked up the right hand page. I painted the exposed areas on the page ultramarine blue mixed with white. More may be added over time. The butterfly card on the left is one Elk sent me made from some material my Mom had which I had sent to Elk to use.

I saw this fellow hanging onto the screen. I went off to do some computer work, then went out to the car for my camera, and he was still hanging there! I guess he wanted to be photographed.

Received my new passport. Now, I had the old one for 10 years and never went anywhere. Maybe this one will see some action.

A bit of health issues happening right now for both myself and the Bibs. Like we are in tandem. Kinda funny. Both of us have or had appointments with the appropriate medical personnel. I have another appointment next week. Meanwhile, enjoying a laid back weekend just reading and eating mashed potatoes.


...louciao... said...

What a lovely way to preserve and display special cards received from friends. I'm often in a quandary as to what to do with such gifts. I like how you have integrated them into your own art making. Lucky you to "catch" a dragonfly. I hope you and the Bibs are perked up in no time. Meantime, revel in the relaxation.

Annie said...

Lovely way to save the cards, so you can enjoy them.
I hope you and Bibs are okay, stress can really do a number on us and I am sure Bibs feels your stress too. Be well.
Sending lots of love and hugs,xoxo

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Your pages look great! Nice to build color with layers and the added beauty of favorite cards.
Hope you and kitty are feeling better...mashed potatoes...the great comfort food!

studio lolo said...

Wonderful pages! I think the cards added a nice touch.

Sorry you and Bibs are both under the weather, but glad to know you're both seeing the right docs ;)

I think that dragonfly was seeking heat. I'm not surprised you maye have seen a few flakes already.

I see flakes around here every day and I'm not talking about snow!

get well soon, both of you♥

kj said...

suki, i just wanted to tell you that yesterday JB and i needed a sympathy card for a friend who just lost his Mother. JB has hundreds of cards, but as we looked through them, it was your Peace flag card that was the one that was just right.

you are a fine artist, suki


Robin said...

I like to think of you and Bibs, warm and cozy, taking a nap, watching the leaves fall - and wow....snowflakes already?

Enjoy those mashed potatoes.....yum..... and the dragonfly "waiting" for his closeup! The album to display cards is a great idea...and I think one I will copy....

Sending you and Bibs love and healing thoughts on a very rainy, windy day in San Francisco!


♥ Robin ♥

Lynn said...

I hope it's nothing serious for either you or Bibs. I guess you'll let us know. In the meantime I'll worry for you so you don't have to. I have a friend who does that for me.

Lovely journal pages and photo of dragonfly.

Thanks for the corn candy! ;-)
Hugs from me.

patti said...

That's a nice big dragonfly!

Hope you & Bibs are feeling better soon Suki.

Katiejane said...

I like your journal pages. Lovely use of a memento.
I have only ever had one passport in my life and I think it expired about 20 years ago. Hope I never have to make a quick exit outta the country!
Wonder what's up with the dragonfly? Maybe it's just tired. I hope you are not going to be getting snow yet. I haven't seen any fuzzy catterpillars around this fall. What does that mean? No snow? I hope so, but really it's been so dry for so long that some nice, gentle, constant rain would be lovely.

Mim said...

no snow here thank goodness. Last year at this time we did have snow - nasty and wet and cold.

nothing like a spanky fresh passport to get you going. A ticket to Bali...or Costa Rica???

Jude said...

I do hope you use your new passport.....!lovely photos!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

We had a rainy windy weekend here too. Looks like you kept busy tho.
Hope you both are feeling better. A passport.. I've never had one. Hope you get to use it sometime.