Thursday, October 28, 2010

Magpie Tales # 38 All I Have to Say

Many years my bones have lain here among the roots.
Their tangled nerves, where they have penetrated
my wooden shroud, brush my face.

The worms, the ants, the gophers
keep me company in my long sentinel,
tucked tightly into the grit.

Above, scoundrels topple
the witness to my name and days.
Cries of glee mock that soon embracing fate.

Do not be afraid, I want to say.
It is not what you think, this long journey.
This fling into the universal void is not dark, but light.

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willow said...

I love your twist at the end, Suki. It IS light. Another nice piece!

Robin said...

Brava dear Friend! This is powerful - and that ending.....wonderful! Your writing has come alive this Autumn!


♥ Robin ♥

Annie said...

Beautiful Suki! I love the ending best :-). xoxox

Lynn said...

She writes prose, she writes poetry; she keeps my interst and she is good!

studio lolo said...

Suki, this is so beautifully written I could illustrate every single line.

Very moving.♥

kj said...

"Above, scoundrels topple
the witness to my name and days."

screw them suki!!!!!

i love being introduced to your writing. please send me anything if ever you want. it is a treat for me. suki, i am going to write a30 poems in november, part of a literary project but i forget which.

wanna do it too?

kj said...

suki, the 30 poems in november project is for the benefit of literacy through the center for new americans, based in northampton ma.

you're supposed to recruit sponsors for pledges per poem but i may just write and feel good enough about that!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Beautiful! Wonderful choice of words...good is always good...this was so good!

~Babs said...

All I have to say is:

Your awsome poetry and awesome photography combined, would make for an awesome book.

sukipoet said...

this photo is one of Willow's, the prompt for this weeks Magpie Tales

Katiejane said...

Suki, I love your use of words. You say so much with so little.
I really like this, and so appropriate for the season.

Marion said...

This is superb...I love the twist at the end. You are so right. It truly is Light.

Do you know I love anything you write? :) xoxo