Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The daily grind

I love to grind my own pepper from peppercorns. These I bought at the Indian market but I didnt notice that the expiration date was November. Darn. Black pepper or Piper Nigrum, comes from a flowering vine cultivated for its fruit. The dried fruit is called a peppercorn. Black peppers are native to India.

I am always searching for a good pepper grinder. This one I got at a thrift store and I know why someone donated it. It doesn't work very well. In fact, the majority of pepper grinders I've tried don't work well. Maybe the peppers get jammed in the blade or the blade gets too dull.

Finally I ordered a battery run grinder on Amazon. It works fairly well for large grains of pepper but not so well for smaller grains. It turned out to be silver plastic, not stainless steel. I was disappointed in it at first, although it is better than most of the others I have tried. I will hold off final judgement until I have used it for awhile, but meantime my search for the perfect pepper grinder continues.

My own daily grind continues. Sometimes I think I am driving myself mad. I go round and round in circles just like the grinder. It is hard to see any tiny forward moving steps. But I have learned something important about myself in the past week. I am not sure yet how to overcome the obstacle I learned about but maybe if I eat enough pepper I will leap. The figurative meaning of pepper is spirit and energy as in pep.


willow said...

I'm a fresh ground pepper lover, too. I've had an 8 inch copper mill from Greece for years and just love it. Last summer, I found a brand new brass one, only larger (12 inch) at a garage sale, still in the box, never used! So now, I fill the large one with regular black peppercorns and the smaller one with the rainbow variety. Mmm-mmm.

Lynn said...

I do not use whole pepper or pepper at all on my food so do not have a solution for you.
If I come across something that looks like it might be the peppermills of all peppermills however I will let you know.
My mother had a really tall (over a foot high I am sure) wooden one.

The fearless threader said...

I have a wooden one I found in a charity shop (thrift store) many years ago. It is small squat and yellow, made of wood and I wouldn't part with it for the world. I know what you mean about freshly ground black pepper.

Robin said...

I see I am missing something here.....despite the fact I love pepper and use it a lot, I have been a lazy lass and just bought pre-ground pepper.... (and this from a girl who MUST grind her own particular brand of coffee...)

Suki, I will keep an eye out for one of the copper ones Willow mentions for you.....

I am intrigues by your other comment on your post.... we have to talk soon!

Love to you and Bibs,

♥ Robin ♥

Kim said...

Suki, I love fresh ground pepper! I have always had the same problem with the mills. Recently I purchased this one: http://www.amazon.com/William-Bounds-Clear-Pewter-Pepper/dp/B001F50USQ/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1285102320&sr=1-2-fkmr0 However, I can tell you it was less expensive here: http://www.surlatable.com/product/william+bounds+otto+turkish+clear+pepper+mill%2C+8%26%23189-%26%2334-.do?keyword=pepper+mills&sortby=ourPicks I don't know how this compares when you add shipping as I purchased mine in the shop. This mill works great so far...you can get roughly cracked pepper and very fine pepper from it. I hope this helps a little. You can also purchase the brass one Willow speaks about at the last shop. They do not come inexpensively, but I am sure they are fabulous!

Hang in there...we are all grinding with you!

patti said...

I've had many pepper grinders over the years and most of them didn't work very well. So now I buy the little ready-filled grinders from the supermarket - not my choice of pepper necessarily, but they always work!

Knowledge is power Suki, so if you have learned something about yourself, you have the power to change. And change is only scary from this side you're standing on. It's all good when you get to the other side!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I dont use pepper either. So no help here. Love the heels you picked out for the ball in your last post. Cant wait to see who you go with. ;)

layers said...

not crazy about pepper myself- tickles my throat-- but I do have lavender pepper- a combination of lavender, pepper and other spices- that I do cook with.

kj said...

i thought robin said she was a lazy ASS! heeheheehee!

this is an interesting post.

and normally i love circles, but this one time i'm rooting for you and a straight line

see you soon, so excited

marianne said...

Nice post Suki!
I see you turning round just like the grinder , as in a spin off. Maybe you should just let go and then in the spinning you will be projected .............

But really I think it is hard for you going round like this and you are nearly getting used to it and start to think you can't help it.......
But you have your future in your own hands dear, so put that pepper in your.... (a Dutch saying) and go girl!


Mim said...

I like pepper and we use fresh ground alot, never found a wonderful grinder.

Well..at least you're thinking about how to move - that's a start anyways

Teri C said...

This was an interesting post. I don't grind my pepper either but I have seen some nice ones. Great analogy also.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers Suki.

studio lolo said...

I love pepper! I blacken all my food without tasting it first. I don't pepper everything though, like ice cream ;)

I hope you find a way through/out of your metaphor.
We're all rooting for you Suki.

♥ Lolo ♥

Annie said...

Kj made my comment :-). So now I am speechless. I don't think you need pepper to leap, just JUMP!
Hugs. xoxo

Dianne said...

I really love freshly ground pepper, more than salt! I also buy the ready-filled supermarket grinders, we have quite a choice of peppercorns to choose from.

Hang in there, watch for the signs and go with your instincts. You will feel when it is the right time to leap if you listen carefully to that inner voice.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear what you learned.

Kimmie said...

I can't imagine that it would EXPIRE! maybe you can freeze what's not in your grinder (like coffee beans) ... my favorite grinder is one I got from Trader Joe's and I just keep refilling it when it runs out. It must be meant to be disposable - which is RIDICULOUS!

anyway - here's to spice - used since ancient days to make all sorts of rank things somehow palatable

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Oh, I love pepper too and freshly ground only! I have the best grinder--got it at IKEA and it was inexpensive. I would love to send you one (I got a half dozen of them to give as gifts! Email me with your address and I will get it off to you. I have two and use one for salt.