Wednesday, July 07, 2010

too darned hot

Well I tried to post a YOUTUBE video of too darned hot and it got posted on the Blogland Lane blogsite. I wondered where they were going, I did it a couple of times???

Its too hot to spend time figuring it out. Last night I inflated the rubber mattress and slept on the porch. This building sucks in the heat and doesnt let it out. No A/C either. I would turn it on if I had it. The cats are wilting.

Between the heat and the flood excitement Emily has lost a good deal of weight. Hope y'all in the Northeast are keeping cool.


Kim said...

Oh Suki, you know I agree with you about this heat! It is suffocating. Maybe you and the kitties need to find some place you can cool off...even a hotel room at this point. I know down here they are telling people to not stay out in this for very long at all.

What will August and September be like? ARGH!

Try to take care of yourself, my friend.

studio lolo said...

I don't remember it ever being this hot in July. The dog days of August, sure, but this is god awful! Bliss hates the fans so she's staying away from them and not getting any breeze. At least I can wet Emma down with cool water for a bit of relief.
I hope to find a store today that still has small air conditioners. I didn't sleep a wink last night.

meanwhile my friends in Monetery are freezing with heavy foggy weather!

Go figure.

Robin said...

Lo said it best...."Go Figure"....roasting in the East, freezing in the West..

Here's hoping Mother Nature FIGURES it out and sends cooling breezes to the East and warming sun to the West.

Suki, make sure you keep Em and Bibs hydrated....and you too.

Sending you all love and FOG....

♥ Robin ♥

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

'Wilting' a perfect description of a summer heat wave. Eating salad, drinking water and sleeping outside and yes a little wilting now and then...any chance of a good rain on the way?
We are at low 60's and no sunshine...the tourists are dumbfounded.
I like your blog colors...makes the photos pop!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I have seen the heat wave on tv. I hope you are alright. AC is a godsend this time of year. I would wilt without it for sure.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Its our turn now with a heat wave.. its HOT HOT HOT this afternoon. supposed to be 98. I believe it. Supposed to last a few days too. OUCH.

Lynn said...

I remember when living in HOT Israel an American visitor saying "How can you live without air conditioning?" It wasn't easy. But we had these screens in the windows with wood shavings and water running through them so if there was a hint of a breeze we got a cool rush of air inside. Otherwise, we just baked. I hope you get a reprieve soon.

Annie said...

Very nice and cool here, 60 in the mornings and 80 mid day. I am loving it as it is just right for me.
When I have hot flashes it helps me to stick my head in the freezer, you could try that, also getting a scarf wet with ice water and tie it around your neck.
Good luck.
Poor kitties.

...louciao... said...

It's so hard when the temperature doesn't even cool off at night. I can empathise with you, as I have experienced that sort of heat where I just had to lie on the floor as close to an open door or out on the balcony of where I was staying. We're just starting to get a few hot summer days here and there so I don't complain when they happen--not yet, anyway. Sounds like it could be fun to sleep outside on the porch, as long as the air mattress doesn't deflate.

patti said...

Last summer, when it was unbearably hot, I filled a spray bottle with water and just sprayed myself everytime I felt overheated. The porch is a great place to sleep - can you see the stars from there?

Mim said...'s hot but my problem is that at work it's freezing!! so I freeze at work, and bake when outside. so stupid