Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Root Chakra

Somewhere on-line I saw a Chakra workshop being offered in July. That gave me the idea to use this 16 paged journal I made to draw/paint the 7 Chakras, one on each page.

Chakra comes from the Sanskrit language and refers to enegy vortexes or wheels within the body. I read a long time ago that there are hundreds of such wheels within the body. However, most often you hear about the 7 or eight that ascend the spine from the tailbone, up into the throat and third eye and above the head.

Different colors, sounds, parts of the body and energies are associated with each Chakra. The root chakra is located in the tailbone area. Red is its color. Lam is the sound. It represents earthy things, survival, the tribe, instincts, grounding, health, prosperity and security.

The Kundalini energy also resides in the tailbone. Kundalini energy is often symbolized by a snake. The snake/fire energy awakens (often during yoga asanas) and this powerful energy rises up the spine awakening latent energies. In the best case scenario our chakras are in balance. When out of balance we feel various dis-eases in our body. There are many layers of understandings about the Chakras. This is a simplistic description. Also, I am using my own words and understandings and am not an expert. To read more click here. This is but one of many sites about Chakras.

Here is the journal. Below find Teesha Moore's video instructions for making a 16 paged journal using one large sheet of paper.


soulbrush said...

what a vibrant and interesting post, enjoyed this, now going to see the vid.

the wild magnolia said...
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the wild magnolia said...

Interesting post on the root chakra. It is a subject worth more than a second look.

Lovely artwork cover for your journal.

Very nice blog. Beautiful photos.

marianne said...

Oh yeee, I want to start on this!
Love the video too.
But I have no time.......
Awesome page on the rootchakra.
Oh I really need to do something again with art. I miss it.

Thanks for this inspiring post!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I hope you show all the chakras when you are finished. I think it is interesting and the colors you used are great.

willow said...

Fascinating topic. Thanks for your kind and generous comment on my poem, Suki!

WOW---love your new look!!!

patti said...

This is so interesting Suki! Look forward to seeing your journal completed. Thanks for Teesha's video, I will chec it out.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

This is wonderful...creating your Chakra journal. This first one is a beauty and so much of you....little houses circling your root energy. Bravo!

Annie said...

Love this Suki, so colorful and like Soul said vibrant.xoxo

Lynn said...

Love your art love your art love your art
will return to see video later!

The Adventurous Art Teacher said...

What a great idea! I made the same journal and it has been waiting to be used.


studio lolo said...

First of all, I love the new look! Your art against the black is wonderful.

And I love the start of this journal. What a great idea to make it about chakras. I do hope you post each one!

This is so detailed with so many aspects of "you" in it. The houses say so much.

And I read on the sidebar that you're coming out of the mist and into the light. That's great Suki!


Kim said...

Suki, this is a wonderful painting! I really love the vibrancy and you have captured this chakra perfectly! I can imagine to have this wonderful book will be an excellent resource for visual meditation, not to mention the meditations you have while creating it! What a wonderful idea. Also, thank you for the much fun is this?

I can't wait to seem more of your wonderful work in this book...all of your wonderful work. I can imagine poems created for the chakras, too. You are amazing!

Andrea said...

hi suki, this is so interesting and I love the color you choose to illustrate the chakra. And so interesting to learn what it concerns and which sound goes with it! I also watched the video and will sure try to fold such a journal, it looks very inspirational! Have a wonderful day, Andrea

Robin said...

Suki, as a person who knows nothing about "chakra", I found this interesting. I love your drawing...the colours are strong and full of positiveness. (Is that a word - ha-ha!) I think snake-related images are always forceful.

I admire your ability to make that journal... you are one talented lady!


♥ Robin ♥

m. heart said...

This looks an interesting project, I hope you do them all.

And yes, you were right - it's the Ananda ashram I'm headed to!

glitz said...

I have a chakra balancing workbook with meditations etc written and produced by Anodea Judith and have always meant to paint from my chakras - apparently if you meditate then paint on each of the major chakras in turn,then put all the works together you can see where your "weaknesses" (for want of a better word) lie. I thought it would just be fun - and here you HAVE DONE IT!

San said...

Suki, I like what you did with the root chakra drawing--that primal energy, those instincts for survival, that coiled snake ready for whatever. LAM.