Saturday, June 26, 2010

The moon unites us

I think these were originally a potted Easter Lily for Mom which I planted out in the garden and which now seem to be multiplying. I love their sweet color.

I canceled my trip for now. Too much stress around the flooding, the smells and needing to be here to facilitate my part in the cleanup. Help has arrived so I feel less stressed about it. But still, the house smells(I am very sensitive to smells and had to leave my home last night and stay across the road re: odor) and the drying men aren't coming till Monday or Tuesday.

Lolo said that there are two eclipses of the moon coming close together. I hope I have that right. One is today, the 26th of June and another in July. Maybe this is why so many of us are going through hard times and/or our loved ones are. That moon holds a powerful influence. Sending out prayers and hugs to all who are feeling down. Many blessings, Suki

PS also birthday wishes to Patti and Lynn.

PPS Tonight, look at the moon. Know I will be looking at it too. The same moon, near or far, east coast or west, northern or southern hemisphere. Amazing isnt it?

PPPS while unpacking my car, I glanced down at the grass and spotted my new fused glass earring that I lost the very first day I wore the pair. !!!


Teri C said...

Oh my, so many things going in your life (as usual). Those lilies are gorgeous and their smell should make you feel better.

Okay, I am going to look at the moon tonight.

Hope things work our okay for you.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Life, interrupted. Or as John Lennon said "Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans." Glad you found your earring.
You lilies are stupendous.
I am sure you will regroup and find your way again!

Lynn said...

Thank you Suki for my birthday wishes, so sweet of you to honor me this way! Much appreciated.

I am sorry you have to forestall your trip to the cape. I hope not for long. Is your house right on the road or back far enough so you could leave it with windows open and be somewhere else???

Good luck with the clean up.

We are polishing and shining things up here big time getting ready for painters etc. Hasn't looked this good in years!!! LOL

Robin said...

Ah, Suki....while I am disappointed that you had to postpone your trip to the Cape.....I understand perfectly.
This situation will be cleared up quickly....and you can re-book.
I do believe your brother's reaction is the driving impetus you need to move.....all signs have been pointing to it.... you are a much braver and stronger woman than you know..... you DESERVE happiness....

Amazingly, the fog has lifted for a few hours (at least).....not sure La Bella Luna will show herself here tonight....(I am going to the Symphony - courtesy of a friend)....but, when I exit Davies sure that I will look up - and send loving, courageous thoughts to you, dear friend!

Love to you and the Furry Ones!

♥ Robin ♥

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am so glad you found your earring. Try to enjoy the weekend. I hope they get your mess cleaned up quickly.

willow said...

Ah, I knew the moon was up to something, but I didn't realize there were two eclipses! I have felt restless. Hope you get your place dried and smelling fresh as a daisy soon!

(I'll be looking at the moon...and I'll be seeing you!)

patti said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes Suki!

So glad that you found your earring! I lost one of my favorites a while back and I'm still hoping it will turn up somewhere, when I least expect it.

layers said...

Beautiful lilies -- the plus side..
bad odor-- the minus side-- life is full of plus and minus stuff-- evens out I guess.

Annie said...

Beautiful lilies. Glad you found your earring. Happy clean up.

soulbrush said...

glad you found the earring
glad you have that beautiful header
glad mom's plant gives you so much joy
glad we share the same lovely moon
glad you have explained why life is so awful for so many of us right now
glad you visit my blog so often
glad we are friends

studio lolo said...

Lovely lillies Suki. The color is superb.

Actually, both eclipses were this month, yesterday's being the second (and nastiest!) Brian and I were snipping at one another over the most minor things, and we rarely do that.

Hopefully some warm air will help your situation along with the help of the drying guys. Carpets tend to hols smells so it's probably best it's out of there now.

I'm sensitive to smells too! My husband thinks my nose has super powers :)

Sorry we won't be able to link up this week, but for sure when you do go to the Cape, be in touch. I'd love to see you!


m. heart said...

The full moon eclipse was mentioned at Chantfest yesterday. In a talk about the ancient history of kirtan it was said that an eclipse of the moon was considered inauspicious, the moon symbolizing the soul. So to counteract that, chanting was done through the day. Which is, of course, what we were doing yesterday for 12 hours. I hope it counteracted some of the sadness and negativity that are going around lately...

studio lolo said...

OOPS!! Correction on the eclipses :)

I really should have had my notes in front of me. Last night's eclipse was the first of here.

This month holds the first of two oncoming eclipses, and while eclipses are known for their ability to create sweeping change and uproot us quite dramatically, you will soon realize you are in a very good position and have nothing to fear. This first eclipse, a lunar eclipse due on June 26, will fall in Capricorn in your house of work. The second, a solar eclipse, due next month on July 11, will be in Cancer in your twelfth house, the area of the chart that rules the thinking and working you do in private, behind the scenes.