Friday, June 18, 2010

Dine Divine

Lovely yellow weed/flowers out by the barn. Is it Marshmallow? My identification book is packed?

I baked Willow's recipe for blueberry, banana muffins. Couldn't find any muffin tins so I baked it like a cake in a square pan. Yum.

Earlier in the week I made Cold Szechuan noodles with shredded vegetables. The recipe is from Quick Vegetarian Pleasures by Jeanne Lemlin. I had chosen a number of cold salads for the weeks menu and then the weather turned cold so I only made this one. This serves four so needless to say I cut it down to half.

1 pound noodles, fresh Chinese or spaghetti/linguine
4 TBS tamari soy sauce
4TBS oriental sesame oil
1 TBS Chinese rice vinegar
1TBS sugar
1/2 tsp chili oil (I didnt have this so used some crushed red peppers)
1 red bell pepper, cored and shredded
3 scallions, thinly sliced
2 carrots, grated
garnish with a scallion branch

(my note, also good topped w/chopped peanuts and or peanut sauce)

Cook noodles al dente. Drain. Drop into a large bowl.

Mix 3 TBS tamari, 3 TBS sesame oil and the vinegar, sugar and chili oil in a small bowl. Pour onto noodles. Toss noodles with tongs to coat them. Marinate 2 hours or more, tossing occasionally. Cover and chill noodles if the are prepared more than 4 hours in advance.

If noodles have been chilled, bring them to room temperature before serving. Mix remaining soy sauce and sesame oil and pour over noodles. Stir in red peppers, scallions and grated carrots.

Note: other shredded or grated veggies can be added to this. I added shredded bok choy fresh from the farmers market. Be inventive!


willow said...

Yum!! I think I'm going to try the muffins without the tin next time. They look delicious! And the Szchuan noodles are perfect for summer. I'm taking this one back to the manor with me. Thanks, Suki!

Kim said...

Yummy Suki! These both look wonderful and what treats, too. I am sorry I can't help you with your plant identification. I am not so good with that kind of thing. I should be better.

Now, I wish you could send some of that cold air down here. We are hot and humid. I seem to prefer the colder air, in general, but I understand what you mean about not wanting to have cold food on cold days. I am sure you will have the opportunity to have your series of cold salads very soon.

Thank you for your wonderful, insightful and contemplative comment on my blog. You always have such a wonderful way of making clearer what is in my head.

Have a Beautiful Weekend!

Robin said...

Beautiful yellow bloom! I am ignorant as to what it is...

That WILLOW! I have tried a few of her receipes and they are all wonderful. I made her rhubarb/strawberry dessert and fed all my "Walkuren" a few weeks ago....they l♥ved it.

I will add your noodle receipe to my collection...this looks delicious...

Thinking of you this weekend..and hoping it warms up for you! Fog and cold has returned here...brrrr.


♥ Robin ♥

Lisa at Greenbow said...

No other way to describe this plate of food. Yummm

Teri C said...

I love those flowers in your header. Beauty.
The yellow flowers are Sundrops, I have some in my garden that are blooming right now also.

That recipes sounds YUMMY!!!

Lynn said...

Your food selections look nummy especially the berry cake!!! Enjoy.

PS I think your black is more formal than my brown! LOL

sukipoet said...

Lynn, the difference, to me, might be that I am a somewhat staid and formal person, (except when I'm not) and you "feel" to me to be a more exhuberant person. Not that one's blog layout has to reflect one's personality. Yikes.

Annie said...

Oh my Suki, this looks beyond yummy. I will have to try this salad and that muffin/cake looks tasty too.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I like this cold noodle salad...must remember to buy more sesame oil...refreshing lunch!

Kimmie said...

it all looks so yummy! you ought to look for chili oil - I love it and use it all the time! it's a sesame oil with chili essence in it - it's a subtle and wonderful addition to lots of things :)

Katiejane said...

Yum, yum! Looks delicious, and I think I can smell it all the way down here!

studio lolo said...

Well, I'm sitting here with Stella at KJ's and now you've made me good and hungry! I love cold noodle salads. I'm not big on dessert but I'm pretty sure I could make short work of this muffin cake!

I thought of calling you to pop over (I have no sense of direction) and KJ said you were at least 3 hours away.

It's very weird using JB's laptop, listening to their fine music and hanging out with their sweet dog.
I'm treating this like a mini-retreat ;)

I thought those yellow flowers were called mallows?? They;re very pretty no matter what they're called.

I brought your book with me. Seems like a perfect place to continue it :)

willow said...

Okay, my noodles are marinating!!

sukipoet said...

Lolo, it's a two hour drive or less via the highway but I always take route 5. I thought the same thing when I finally understood what was happening. But now my saturday dance card is full :)

~Babs said...

Suki, all of this food, every bit of it is making me drool.
Probably will try that pasta dish,,,with maybe some chicken added for the Boyfriend. Thanks!
(and an extra helping of that blueberry cakemuffie for me!)

Marion said...

Oh, thank you, Suki...these recipes look wonderful. I'll be making both tomorrow for dinner. I have both the bananas and the blueberries in house, no need to go to the store...and my garden is producing veggies as well.

Those yellow flowers look very familiar. They sure do look like they are a part of the mallow family.

Have a great weekend!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Yummy food. How clever to put the muffins in a pie plate. Looks more delicious that way.

Mim said...

Evening Primrose. In my garden called "grandma's yellow flowers".

love the food...oohhee

Julie said...

Oh, those muffins are devine looking!!! I like it in the cake pan form!!! Am looking for a cake to make for Fathers Day...hmmmmm.....

chewy said...

I have those yellow flowers in my garden. I don't know the real name. I call them big buttercups.

Yum, blueberries.