Monday, May 31, 2010

Blooms Blessings and a thank you for freedom

Mom planted the poppy.

These peonies sighted at local organic garden shop.

Wild irises in the trough by the barn.

The chives were downed in a short, but torrential, rain a few days ago.

Thank you to all who have protected our world so that we might be free.


Lynn said...

Lovely tribute for Memorial Day Suki. Love the lone poppy reminder of mom's hand in the garden.
It makes a striking banner!
Enjoy a peaceful day. And thank you so much for your encouraging comments on my watercolor attempts.

kj said...

this is beautiful, suki.

you said so much so succinctly.

your mom's poppy is radiant. i can still see your Mom's smile. i will never forget how kind and digified she looks in that photo.

love to you, suki

Lisa at Greenbow said...

A wonderful tribute to those who have secured our freedom. Your Mom's poppy is beautiful.

Zen Adventurist said...

Beautiful land...beautiful flowers. : )

studio lolo said...

Stunning photos, lovely tribute.

The poppy amidst the other flowers really stands out. I'm pretty sure your mom is greeting you this Memorial Day.♥

Robin said...

Thinking of you today, of your Mum, your husband - and hoping you are having a lovely time with your son and brother. The beautiful Poppy is a sweet reminder of your Mum.


♥ Robin ♥