Sunday, March 28, 2010

The value of an education

(photo: kitties sent to me by a friend recently)

Conversation I had in the cafe yesterday:

Some newspapers were arrayed on a couple's table. I asked if they were done with them. Yes. So, I picked them up. "Oh,The New York Times," I said, aloud. I had wanted the Brattleboro paper. "Oh well, I'll read this," I said, going for second best. :)

A woman sitting in a lounge chair said, "The New York Times? May I see it after you?" She got up and searched some of the tables for another copy of the Times.

"Here's the Business section and the front pages, " I said. "I'll just read the arts section."

"Oh no, she insisted. "Finish it first."

"Really," I said. "I don't mind." I handed her the two above sections.

"You're a good sharer," she said.''

"I learned that in kindergarten, " I replied, proud of myself for thinking up a clever repartee.

"I'm a kindergarten teacher," she said. LOL

Who BUT a kindergarten teacher would say to another adult "You're a good sharer!"


Cat said...

LOL! Quite true!!

I love those kitties! They are so beautiful! Does your friend sell them by chance, I would love to have a set for my desk and art area!!

Have a beautiful day, Suki.


kj said...

suki, my 3 year old mr. ryan was watching thomas the train on tv and an elephant squirted grouchy henry right in his face.

mr. ryan was apalled. he gasped, "he's a BAD listener!"


sukipoet said...

cat, my friend found those in a thrift shop. if you look carefully you can see the tails are chewed. they sure are cute though.

KJ Mr Ryan is tooo sweet

Annie said...

:-). xoxo

kikipotamus said...

Awesome! If we could all behave the way we were taught in kindergarten, the world would be a fine place indeed. No breaking in line, good sharing, holding hands, frequent snacks and afternoon naps at all places of business. Yes!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Lunch at a new cafe, New York Times and a trip to the bookstore...glad you are finding ways to enjoy your Spring!

Mim said...

I think Emily Rabbit is still in kindergarden, cause while she is a good sharer, she also does other kindergarden stuff like stomping around and crying hard.

Wish we could all do that!!

Lynn said...

This has me laughing out loud. So cute, funny and fun. Love it.
It reminds me of years ago (oy, 43 yrs ago to be precise) I had a nursery school and one evening at home we had guests and when I went to offer wine I asked "What color do you want, red or white?"

~Babs said...

Too funny.I'm surprised she didn't also say that you "make good choices."
That seems to be such a popular positive behavior statement these days among that age group.
Aren't those cute kitties? I find myself looking at everything these days wondering,,hmmm, clay?

Irene said...

Dearest Suki/Pippi: I love your post today, the word share brings back all kinds of memories for me. I do remember kindergarten teachers introducing students to this wonderful concept. I'd love it if you read my post about "share" just for a laugh.view my post about sharing here.

soulbrush said...

what sweet sweet kitties (don't tell anyone - i don't like cats, but i love cat arty things). hope you are okay suki. being a teacher of little ones, i can tell you some really funny stories..(another day).

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

How sweet is that! Oh, I have some of those kitties--of course I the colors. Oh, my chives are up about 5" and the peepers are out!

Natalya Aikens said...

how funny!!

Kim said...

Suki, this sounds like a very fine morning at the cafe! It is funny how people don't change their "speak" depending on where they are! This was an interesting interaction to be sure. I am not sure I would have handled it as well as you! Of course we all know how great you are and she didn't...she knows now! Have a Beautiful Day!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

What a fun encounter. Nice to meet others even in a casual way like this. Love those kitties too.

parisdreamtime said...

Makes me smile, just wanted to go to bed when I decided to read your today's post, and oh, I'm glad I did:):) This is a great short story:) Have a good week Suki, don't worry, be happy, love, andrea

studio lolo said...

Well, the first thing I did was turn my head to see my matching kitty on my shelf in the studio!
Mine is blue with peach colored ears and the tip of his tail. He has red daisies on him and a bell around his neck. Don't tell Teri C about the daisies ;)

I love your coffee shop story!
And Lynn asking what "color" wine her guests wanted!

Teachers never change. That's probably a good thing!

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

haha, I didn't even noticed the tails were chewed...guess what? same thing in my house so now they are on a higher shelf!

patti said...

I know what you mean about meat Suki. I crave it sometimes, but when I give in and have it, I don't always enjoy it.

And the Yoga! It's been a week for me this time (I have had long breaks before)It does give your body a rest though and makes you appreciate the benefits of Yoga.

Your Mom must have had a lot of resilience, to keep re-generating herself. Something to admire!

Cute Kitties :)

Katiejane said...

I would say it, Suki! You ARE a good sharer. You are a wonderful, kindhearted and thoughtful person and I wish all the best for you.

min6919 said...
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chewy said...

(giggle) "You're a good sharer". (smile) True.