Saturday, March 20, 2010

small spring signs

Underneath a bunch of dried stems I found these green chives growing.

I have to take a break from the insanity of my own mind around houses. Perhaps I am incapable of owning a house and doing what needs to be done for and in a house. More later re: what I have chosen to do. But for now, I want to get out and enjoy the day. I thank you all for your insights into home situations. I find it all fascinating really. Be well, Suki

And yes, I WOULD in an ideal world like someone to come along w/me and hold my hand. But...maybe this too is part of the task, to make a choice all by myself and from my own discernment.


Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Love those small spring signs...I just went and peeked at my chives and they are sprouting again, too.

Enjoy the day!

Annie said...

Yes, take a break! Have a wonderful day and don't think.

kikipotamus said...

I like that you are being gentle with yourself and not pushing. I believe that when things are right, there is a certain flow to them, one you can feel and trust...even when there is a scary aspect to it. The part that invites you to trust feels stronger than the scary part. I learned from my 3 years of house ownership that I am not cut out for it without a partner to help.

Lynn said...

I am taking a deep breath with you. Enjoy the signs of spring, the sun, the relaxation, and the need not to think or decide.

Whew, what a whirl wind you have been on. I saw in your side bar your wondering if you have a need for adrinilan rushes. ;-) Am sure this last week has felt that way.

Be gentle with your self Suki.
Your beautiful post card made it to my door yesterday and I love it. Thanks so much. Your creativity produces such beauty.

Mary said...

spring is telling you that everything is going to be okay ;-)

marianne said...

I can imagine that making a big decision like that is scary that that your head fills with doubt on the moment supreme.
You just let go now for a while and trust the right thing will happen at the right moment.
Go out and let the spring air blow your worries away!

take care!

human being said...

what a pity i cannot see the pic...

yes it's so difficult to make a decision all by one's self... but afterwards we notice we have enjoyed both the process and the result much more than anytime...

may all your days be a spring day...

kj said...

suki, so you are writing prose from the land of inbetween?

i hope there is a pond and a soft blanket while you rest there.

it is spring, suki. hotdamn!


chewy said...

My chives are starting to grow too.

patti said...

Liminality is full of potential. Meanwhile, enjoy the day and respite from 'House thinking'

Our weather here in Aus is typical early autumn - blazing hot days and cool nights and mornings. My pale pink camelias are in flower, so it feels a little like Spring for me too!

I hope Bibs is doing well.

Robin said...

Hi Suki...I hope you took Annie's advice and enjoyed the sunshine and beginning of Spring!

Having to make major decisions on one's own is SO difficult.... I am in the same position now after ending a 16 year relationship...
I sympathise - but having read your blog for a while...I can see you getting stronger and beginning to move forward with your life!

Sending you a hug and strength,

♥ Robin ♥

Debbie in CA : ) said...

My Sweet Suki Friend,

I do hope you are enjoying a day of rest amongst the sweet emergence of Spring.

Buying houses has NEVER brought me anything but stress . . . living in my newly-purchased home has always brought me great joy and comfort. It's the "process" that trips me up. Keep faithful to your heart-set goals. Seek and ye shall find. Only you know if this is to be home -- faulty roof and all.

: D ~~ Debbie

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Lovely to see new green life sprouting! Actually everyday has a newness about it.
Houses are demanding and expensive. I just replaced a water heater and repaired damage...ouch! Take a will all be there in a couple of days and enjoy that tortellini soup!

Kim said...

Sometimes clarity comes when we step back and observe things from a distance! I hope this "day off" was helpful and can imagine it truly was pleasurable.

Peace, my friend!