Wednesday, March 24, 2010

pros and cons

The pros around the house to buy:

gets me out of NH onto the Cape
near conservation land
I'd be near my friends
good for the cats
hardwood floors
decent kitchen cabinets condition
septic passed inspection
south facing
only 20 years old
i'd get settled and end this madness of searching
not having to pay rent
I'd get all my scattered stuff into one place


very, very small
would have to give up about 85% of my furniture/antiques/furniture my grandpa made/trunk of family quilts/trunk of other linens old
appliances shot
needs new roof
has carpenter ants
needs water heater
chimney needs work
kitchen counter falling apart
floors/walls need cosmetic corrections
needs new one of those plastic bathtub things-- also no storage for towels/toilet paper type things
no shed
no floor in attic (if a floor were already there I'd at least be able to stash linens etc up there)
no real dining area table must sit between open living and kitchen areas
no space for my books and papers not much wall space for bookcases due to open kitchen and living room style

I guess as Kim said today on my other post it sort of comes down to this. Buy a house elsewhere than Cape Cod for the same price but with much more space for my treasured things and maybe less fixing up needed Or sacrifice all for Cape Cod and live squished and dump all my stuff. And have to spend far more time fixing the place up than I would like. she didnt exactly use those words. They are my words.

The clock is ticking. I have thursday and then on friday I must say one way or the other.


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Are there not other places on the cape that might be more user friendly? You want to do your art work. Will you have to rent a place to do that? That costs.
Whats in the basement? cant you put things in there? You can get a shed to put on your property.. And are you sure you cant get more into that house. I forgot how much room we had in our house we bought till we moved in. I had more room then I remembered. You can put shelves up around the ceiling for books and over doorways. I have seen that done. The question is, Can you get rid of 85% of your stuff? Some things are just that tho, THINGS. And you cant take them with you in the end.
You have lived without them for two years now already.

The fearless threader said...

I find myself having to move house in a great hurry, and had 3 things I needed to be sure of. Can I afford it, does it have enough bedrooms, is there a cellar. It meets all of those conditions and in a week and a half I'm moving house. Then mine will be put up for auction and I will be back to being a renter.

marianne said...

The pros sound great!
The cons .... well make a list of those and strike the ones which aren't a real problem

very, very small.....could be very cosy!
would have to give up about 85% of my furniture/antiques/furniture my grandpa made/trunk of family ....maybe you can store some in your bother's house?
quilts/trunk of other linens old
appliances shot
needs new you have money for that? If yes, then it is no problem.
has carpenter ants, .....can be fixed
needs water heater, .....can be bought
chimney needs work....not by you
kitchen counter falling this expensive to replace?
floors/walls need cosmetic corrections.......that sounds like a wonderful job! Love decorating....
needs new one of those plastic bathtub things--.... ok
also no storage for towels/toilet paper type things....can be stored among your clothes
no shed.....yes a pity
no floor in attic (if a floor were already there I'd at least be able to stash linens etc up there)....yes you are right but can be made if you have money.
no real dining area table must sit between open living and kitchen areas....could be nice
no space for my books and papers not much wall space for bookcases due to open kitchen and living room style.....yes this calls for a clever solution!

These were just a few tips.
If you don't have enough money to fix these things they are cons otherwise they are just problems which can be solved.

But follow your heart dear!
I know you will take the right decision!!!!!

Take care!

m. heart said...

I don't envy you this decision. Buying my house was very easy for me because I was just shocked that I could afford a house to begin with and I was rather naive about just how much work it needed. I think I mentioned the 3-ring binder of issues...including the roof, which we are just getting to this spring, 10 years later. Luckily despite being old it never leaked.

A couple of things if you do buy this house - there is still a federal subsidy for buying energy efficient appliances such as water heaters and furnaces (I think it is a $1,500 tax credit towards each appliance), and this also includes energy efficient roofs (which are light colored). You can save a lot of money by looking into the program and figuring out what models are covered. I just bought 3 insulated glass storm doors and will write the entire cost off of my taxes next year.

And as for the countertop, check out Ikea. They have nice wood countertops for a reasonable price, and of course lots of storage solutions too. Some of their products are better than others - make sure you are buying solid wood and not particle board. I've been very happy with the wood products I've bought there, plus they deliver (for a fee).

Just some options to think about...

sukipoet said...

cris, i have always thought that we have to buy a house without ever sleeping in it. For most of us, a house is our most expensive life purchase. Yet, even for cars, they let you indeed almost force you to test drive it. Maybethere is more room than I think. What you say is true: I've lived w/out these things for two years. Course, I was living with other things: Mom's, all of which I now own. But.... that is true I've done without and how much does one person really need.

sukipoet said...

Fearless threader, oh gosh, i am so sorry you are having to go through this. it sounds stressful and upsetting. and here i am going on and on about buying a house and too many possessions. I hope your move goes smoothly. will send you prayers. Suki

sukipoet said...

Marianne, you are right. just tackle things one at a time and view as a fun challenge.

sukipoet said...

m. heart, thanks. great that your roof lasted so long! Ikea, yes a good place for solutions, esp in the bathroom I think. all good ideas.

Julie said...

After looking at Mariannes comments, you know I just have to say...could you put a sort of medium sized shed in yard that can be used for an art/sewing/storage place? I have seen many people do that and it would be really neat. Decorated very cutely inside and out. It would be fun! I could see you in there with your internet, desk, tables, and electric fireplace with glee!!! You would probably never want to go in your house! LOL!!! Good luck!

kikipotamus said...

Great job on the list! Some of the things on the con list are the type of challenge that I love to tackle with imagination. One couple I know had an open concept with no wall between one room and the next, so they bought two identical Billy bookcases ($89 each) at Ikea and put them back to back, each one facing a different room. It acted like a little wall and provided gobs of storage for books and DVDs. Also in one house with no closet for washcloths, I hung a 3-tier basket system (the kind meant for the kitchen) from the ceiling...$1 at a yard sale. Good luck!

willow said...

This fellow Libra is feeling your decision anxiety. The question is how much do you love the Cape? The romantic side of me votes yes!

Annie said...

Like the others have said, the things on your con list can all be fixed. As for storage-get creative!
I know it is a trip, but if I were you, I would have to go look at it one more time. Go deep inside and just ask yourself what you most want, your answer will come and it will be the right one. Good luck!

Mim said...

Interesting comments. How about putting in a BIG shed - like 16x14 and you would have a ton of space.

sukipoet said...

Julie, a shed of some sort is possible as i have 1/3 acre although it is full of trees that might have to be cut if conservation laws allow. But i am sure i'll put up some sort of shed.

Kelly, I thought of that too, re: putting bookcases in the wide doorway between the kitchen and living areas. The two way bookcases is a great idea. And the hanging basket too.

Marion said...

The open area can be a challenge. I live in a home like this, and I used the bookcases as a divider. Since we also put in a new kitchen, we made it like an entertainment centre, with a huge island where everybody congregates during gatherings. It's great!

I love the idea of the studio/shed. We had to take out a few trees in order to build ours; but since we are deeply forested, for fire hazard it was necessary anyway.

I already love the home on the cape; it sounds ideal in many ways to me. It was a great list, Suki, it shows you that the cons are not so insurmountable after all!

Robin said...

Hello Suki.... I hope that you managed some sleep - looking at the majority of your commenters' comments - all of the "cons" can be dealt with. You are truly a creative person - so will be able to come up with solutions. The shed outside sounds very does using bookcases for room should go on-line today and check IKEA out.
I was at the one near me last week and they really have some great things - all reasonably priced.

Still giving my two "Pfennings" - follow your heart - and your dream.
You should return to some of your posts from last year and read how much you missed the Cape and how happy you were when you were there - even as a guest.....

Hugs and Strength,

♥ Robin ♥

Kim said...

Good for you making this list. I think just that act makes you think through what is important to YOU! Marianne did a fabulous job thinking through these cons and as she says, if the money is there for the repairs and the family (even maybe your son) is there for the extra possessions, then go with your heart and don't look back! If that isn't possible, then by all means, also move forward and don't look back as you take another route!

You are doing great, this is not an easy process to go alone, but you are doing it! Remember, when tomorrow comes, you have your decision and at this point, you need to consider YOU. It is not necessary to meet the needs of everyone else with this...Just Our Friend Suki!

chewy said...

Hi Suki,
I have several kinds of Little Houses which I will be posting over the next week. Yes, you can print it.

soulbrush said...

lists are so good, and also daunting, i feel glad this decision isn't mine to make suki, i really do.

Jude said...

But you did have the price knocked down so you could fix these things....I think it boils down to you not (deep down) wanting it.....
I live without 85% of my prized possessions and am realizing I feel lighter without so much on my mind all the time..