Friday, January 01, 2010

Suki's completed Arty Soul sisters traveling book

Lynn mailed me my completed ASS traveling book. I'm using Lynn's page for the cover as she didn't attach her page to the others plus it is a tiny bit larger than the main book. I am closing the cover with ribbon.

Lynn's page unfolded. Isnt it sparkly and pretty. Note the footprints. I think some little elves came into Lynn's studio and walked on the book one night.

The book is just gorgeous, each page an artistic delight. Thank you all for making my book something special. I will treasure it always. If you want to see more Arty Soul Sisters pages click on the icon in my sidebar.


Annie said...

Happy New Year Suki! This is indeed a stunning book! xoxo

soulbrush said...

pretty, pretty all of it, including the cover. how quick that was. enjoy and thanks for playing!

marianne said...

Oh my.....this looks so gorgeous with this book cover!
I can imagine it is perfect in person.
What a great idea what a great cover!

Happy New year Suki!!!!
May all your dreams come true Suki!
Can wait to see what dream house you will find and it will happen!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Looks wonderful. Little did Lynn know that she would be the cover girl. :)) Perfect.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

How cool is this. I love the way you used Lynns page for the cover. Wonderful stuff.

patti said...

The book is beautiful Suki. If only it could talk!! :)

You are not a failure btw. Your blog is visited by so many of us, who just love what you share here. You have a special talent for gathering us all together.

It can be hard to stay positive when the weather is so cold. Be gentle with yourself - none of us are perfect. You are at a crossroad, that is all. ((hugs))xxx

JoMo said...

Wow, beautiful. Really cool project.
Happy New Year & the best in 2010!

katie jane said...

Oh, this is truly a delight! Lynn's page is so stunning, and those footprints are over the top! How exciting to get your book back. I'm sure you are thrilled.
P.S. I love the photo of you in the red beret!

Lynn said...

Oh, I guess I just saw this on the soul sisters blog. I love it again here! I feel so proud to be the cover! It's like being on Time magazine! Or at least on a mixed media magazine! Anyway, I am thrilled. Thanks for your idea of using it to cover/protect all the rest, which are each and every one a sheer delight of awesome art.

~Babs said...

Lynn's page as a cover really does look special!
I can't wait to get my book back,,,sit and look at each and every page.How fun these little books have been!

Jude said...

Peace love and happiness Suki..
Beautiful book, I'm glad you're so proud of it.
Take care

Clevelandgirlie said...

Lynn's page is the perfect cover for your book, Suki. How very special your books is.
Happy New Year to you (again) and I just noticed the picture of you in the red beret in your side bar - what a beauty you are! (inside & out!) XO

old pajamas said...


A fabulous book you have; one you will cherish. Wonderful, Arty Soul sisters...I almost wish I was a girl...pajamas

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, that is one amazingly beautiful book.

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