Thursday, December 03, 2009

Truth or Fiction?

Willow did this on her blog so I wanted to try it. I am listing ten things about myself, one of them is NOT true. Take a guess which one is fiction. (I guessed correctly on Willow's list :)) I'll post the answer in a couple of days.

In 1967 I signed something or other, some political list I think, about the Black Panther's. (True. Another who knows why event of my young years. Standing on a street corner, people come up with the list or whatever. I sign. Odd, as I rarely before or since have signed anything political)

I used to walk around San Francisco alone at four am with nary a care. (Boy was I lucky! But yes, I did this. I guess my guardian angel hovered over me. This was back in the late 60's. Was it safer then?)

I almost got kidnapped by a couple of con artists. (I don't know why I went to the cafe with this man and woman. Well I could make this more truthful by saying I threw some money in the air for fun and they picked it up. Then I wanted it back of course. Once in the cafe they began saying very weird things and I wanted to leave but they had me blocked in. Long story short a cop entered the cafe and they quickly left, setting me free. Although i never recovered my money.)

I once imbibed an illegal substance. (Probably imbibed was the wrong word as it implies drinking. But I did partake of such a substance many many years ago.

I made it through college a virgin. (Alas, tis true.)

I am apt to ask strangers questions like "What is the essence of your soul?" (Yes, I am shy. But, I did ask this question at least once if not more. Of course I most likely wouldnt now, in my maturity, but you know then.....)

I sleep with felines. (I guess everyone knew this was true. Cute little snoring gals.)

I met raunchy cartoonist S. Clay Wilson in San Francisco. Wilson met R. Crumb, the creator of Zap, and we went to one of R. Crumb's parties. (False. So Lynn did guess it in the end. I did know S. Clay Wilson who was a mid-western friend of my husband's. Wilson did meet Crumb but that was after I left San Francisco so I did not attend a party with Wilson and Crumb.)

Many wondrous things come my way unbidden: an invitation to cat sit in Paris and money left by a deceased friend whom I hadn't seen for years for example. (I was invited to cat sit in Paris a few years ago when an American friend was over there living for a year. She wanted to go somewhere that she couldnt take her cat so she asked me to come cat sit. However, I did not go. I also did inherit some money from an ex-boyfriend when he died.)

I never pluck my eyebrows. (I never pluck my eyebrows anymore perhaps I should have said. I did maybe a few time when in high school. So I consider this a truth)


~Babs said...

Wow,,how fun!
I'm going to go with the eyebrows.

And I also want to go cat sit with you in Paris.

What an adventure filled life, Suki! I hope the Black Panther thing doesn't haunt you when you run for political office.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I'm going to go with almost getting kidnapped. I know someone in Paris that owns a cat and you do too so that could be true. hmmm :)

soulbrush said...

okay i am just taking a wild guess here- you made it through college a virgin! eeek this is tough to do.

kikipotamus said...

I think all of these are true except asking people questions like "What is the essence of your soul?" What a fun game! Can I copy?

San said...

This is tough, Suki. I'll go with the almost-kidnapped scenario. It's hard for me to believe a lovely thing like you wasn't hit on constantly during college, but I can also see you being very particular, and that's a nice quality.

I'm tempted to try this on my blog. Then again, I've already revealed so many bizarre things about me, it'll be hard to come up with more unbelievable but true things.

sukipoet said...

I'm getting such a kick out of hearing these guesses. Sure, Kelly, I copied the idea from Willow and she said it was "going around the internet world" so go for it.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I don't think you were about kidnapped by a couple of con artists unless they were luring you by telling you what is there essence. ;) A lot of these sound like fun or way wild.

Annie said...

I am going with walking around S.F. at four in the morning, alone.
My second guess is the kidnapped one. This is fun, I will be doing one of these soon.xoxo

old pajamas said...

I agree with kikipotamus; the 'essence of soul'...You do not ask people that question...

patti said...

I think maybe the eyebrows or the kidnapping. Either way, you have hzd an interesting life Suki! :)

marianne said...

I think the eyebrows, everyone must have tried least one hair to find out it is painful!
2nd guess "What is the essence of your soul?"

Fun facts!

parisdreamtime said...

This is so funny:) I go with Kikipotamus and old pajamas, but isn't it funny that we think this should be less true than making it through college a virgin LOL! Will you please let me know if and when you come to Paris to cat sit?:):)
I'm very curious to know your answer....
PS I love this "truth or fiction" game and will see if I can come up with enough things to do this on my blog.

studio lolo said...

I think you're too quiet and shy to ask someone what the essence of their soul is! That made me laugh actually! Unless you were a young hippie when you were asking. Hmmm, you did mention San Fran.

Making it through college as a virgin? Can that actually happen?


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I'm going with number 6...or maybe the one about kidnapping...I'm not sure?
Look at are wearing a ponytail...I thought you had very short hair?! It looks cute!

sukipoet said...

Blue Sky, I did have very short hair but I havent been back to the hairdressers for awhile and suddenly its long. Leaving it this way for a bit.

willow said...

This is fun, Suki! Well, I'm going to bet the virgin one is the fib.

Clevelandgirlie said...

I'm going with the "illegal substance." Hmmmmm - am I right?

Kim said...

Suki, I am guessing this:

I am apt to ask strangers questions like "What is the essence of your soul?"

Seems to me an introvert might not ask strangers this question.

This is a fun and interesting game!

Lynn said...

Well no one has chosen the one about meeting the cartoonist and going to the party so I am going to go with that one!
Which is it????

studio lolo said...

My husband is a BIG fan of R. Crumb's work. I almost showed him what you wrote but thought I'd wait to see if it was true :)

I was kidnapped as a child. It was the saddest story. A concentration camp survivor lived at the top of the alley in our neighborhood in Roxbury, Mass. Every day she would watch me from the window and throw candy off her porch into my eager hands. She adored me. One day she called me upstairs and I went. Luckily kids in the schoolyard saw me go in. She offered me fruit and I remember mouldy oranges in a bowl. She made me wash my hands thoroughly, I remember that too! And down the hall was a room with cats and kid sized play furniture. She had the little table set for the cats.
It became dark and I could hear my mother calling and calling. I told the lady I had to go but she kept saying "my baby. good baby."
There was a loud pounding at her door and there stood my father with the police. They took her away in handcuffs. That's when I remembered seeing her tattoo with her prisoner #.
I told them she was nice to me and that she never hurt me.

It wasn't until some time as an adult that I realized why she obsessed over me. I'm sure I looked just like her 'baby' that she most likely had to give up at the camps.
I will never, ever forget her.

sukipoet said...

Oh my gosh, Lolo. What an amazing story. How truly sad re: the woman. But also frightening for you and your family. I like too the insights you had later looking back on the incident.

I remember seeing number tattoo's when I was young. I guess you don't seee them much anymore. Haunting.

Lynn said...

Lolo, wow. Wow. What a story that is. Yes, my heart goes out to the woman too. I wonder what happened to her. I'm glad she didn't hurt you and your family found you after just a few hours???

Hey! I won!!! Yippie for me! I think it was the power of deduction. LOL

I am posting a similar post tomorrow myself. This was fun.

parisdreamtime said...

Oh, what a sad story studio lolo is telling us here! All the things that happen, have happened and will happen on this earth, it's a little (very much so) frightening.

But it is so interesting to read all the comments and also your comments to the "real" events that happended to you:) As I don't know Crumb, I didn't really pay attention to this one, congrats to Lynn for having sorted it out:)