Monday, November 09, 2009

A trip to Chester Vermont

I've heard a lot about this little bookstore, Misty Valley Books, for years. So on Saturday, a gorgeous day, I drove to Chester Vermont.

I bought Her Fearful Symmetry and some greeting cards. The store was pretty much a typical small, independent bookstore. I think what makes it special is that they sponser talks/readings by well-known authors on a regular basis.

A little buidling across the street.

A big building across the street.

Here is where I ate lunch. A huge Victorian painted artistically. The sun was behind the building so I had to face into the sun to get the photo which is why it isnt much good. As my Dad used to tell me, the sun should be behind the photographer. I had a fun outing. Also stopping into a Celtic shop and purchasing a Polartec jacket on sale and a book about the wells of Ireland.


m. heart said...

Ooooh, that book is on my list to read!

studio lolo said...

I cherish small independent bookstores! They usually have wonderful greeting cards too. No Hallmark schmaltz.

This weather has been so warm. Maybe the Universe is easing me back to the cold!

Great shots Suki.

katie jane said...

Well, you just had a really fun day! Just the kind I love and haven't had for some time. This looks like an exciting town to visit. I could spend an entire day in just a bookstore alone!
We're having great weather, too.

Mim said...

you sound content...

Lynn said...

Happy that you took yourself on this lovely jaunt. Love the bookstore and author readings etc. etc. What did you have for lunch?
Lovely weather here too...My noontime walk was brisk and warmish. Happy Fall.

My ver word is beach as in life is a beach?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a fun trip. I love bookstores. I can browse and browse.